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    I might be stretching the definition here, but I saw Shaolin Soccer recently and it's brilliant. It's on Film4 reasonably often and it only about ?5 on DVD, and it's a comedy about a group of kung fu masters using their mystic abilities to beat 'Team Evil' in a football tournament and promote kung fu to the world. Pure genius.

    Just make sure to watch the Cantonese version and not the English one. Not only was it dubbed, they cut about 30 minutes out and gave it a rap soundtrack.

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    Rob B Hood

    New-ish Jackie Chan film, a return to the classic style chinese comedy style martial arts film, it's really good ^_^

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    and theres some more wilson yip/donnie yen action coming in the form of Flash Point.

    looks pretty harsh
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    Quote Originally Posted by QualityChimp View Post
    Another fave of mine is Drive with Mark Dacoscos - anybody else seen it?
    Yep, have it on DVD here. Some of the set pieces are very good indeed... and I think the second film I saw with Brittany Murphy in it

    (after Clueless... strange huh?)
    Lie with passion and be forever damned...

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    Reading dvdmike's new thread about ninja assassin got me wondering if there was a proper kung fu thread on here. It seems that there is and that it's criminally underused.

    So, has anyone picked up any decent kung fu flicks recently? I've been buying a few (or 50 - no ****) recently, mainly mega cheapies from amazon, play and wherever else. I've got a fondness for the Vengeance Video range - really cheap, crappy transfers with terrible dubbing and absolutely no frills, but loads of these films seem impossible to get otherwise. Last two fridays, and watching surprisingly enjoyable efforts such as South Shaolin and North Shaolin (Casanova Wong), Duel of Seven Tigers (Phillip Ko) and One Armed Boxer 2, with a couple of beers before a PES session, has beeen excellent!

    My collection now stands at about 60 films, all to watch on Friday nights. I think a little ratings book is needed.

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    I watched Ong-Bak 2 last week, and can see why Jaa went crazy in the head nuts

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    I watched Five Element Ninja (also known as Chinese Super Ninjas) again recently - probably my favourite ninja flick.

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    Never seen that one. It's a Shaw Brothers one isn't it? A quick look on amazon and it seems quite expensive, region 1 only?

    I'm very much a noob at this genre and I'm afraid to say that the list of classics I've never seen is appallingly long - Ong Bak 1 and 2 (despite having 1 for over a year, still shrink wrapped in the dvd cabinet), 36th Chamber of Shaolin, numerous Bruce Lee efforts, Prodigal Son, Iron Monkey, the list goes on...

    I've seen loads of cheapy, badly transferred oddities though!

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    Quote Originally Posted by prinnysquad View Post
    Never seen that one. It's a Shaw Brothers one isn't it? A quick look on amazon and it seems quite expensive, region 1 only?
    I've got the region 3 Hong Kong release - click which can be had for about a tenner. I've also got a dubbed, pan & scan version somewhere too

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    Superb, I may order that very soon.

    One of the maddest flicks I've seen lately was Ten Tigers of Shaolin. The end battle lasted about 25 minutes and featured all kinds of styles, with about two dozen fighters squaring off. Very entertaining!

    But by far the oddest so far has been Blood Treasury Fight. The fights aren't particularly brilliantly choreographed but they do a good job. The story itself has intrigue and twists, in an old setting. The whole tone is very odd, yet different enough to be a good watch.

    There's quite a brutal fight at the end in a mill, with some fit bird getting her face pressed against a grinding stone.

    All in all a decent oddity.


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