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    I have a mate who has the P990i and it's the only phone he's been happy with in recent years ever since he got rid of his P900. A bit large if you're not gonna use all the features but the PDA style and wifi capabilities make up for it if you see yourself needing these.

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    Yeah I really want a phone with WiFi, it would be ace.

    While on this phone subject, I just got on the phone with Orange and they EVENTUALLY agreed to give me a replacement handset for my K800i. I'm over the moon as its been broken for ages and crashes all the time so this new one will hopefully mean I can last until a new SE is out like the K850i hopefully sooner rather than later without having to upgrade to a new phone I dont want just for the sake of it.

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    I have an N95, and I'm pleased with it.

    Great camera (especially its video), really useful headphone socket (at last a normal one!), mini-usb port (again the lack of specialist connector is cool) and great WiFi access. The GPS is a bit slow, but it has been really useful on occasions. And just having the maps of the whole of the UK on my phone is really handy, even without the positioning.

    I use its WiFi almost every day to browse the web while in bed. I've also synced it with my work calendar, which is really useful for me.

    The battery life isn't great, but I have a charger at home and at work, so it isn't a big deal for me. In any case, if you only use it for calls it is fine. It's standby (with little or no activity) life is 3 or 4 days, so it passes the weekend away test.

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    I don't see the point in owning an N95 if you only intend to use it for calls. You may as well get a K800i, which is the best regular handest available.

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    P800/900/910 etc were all ace phones for their time, but even when the P990 came out the Windows Mobile market was such that it was totally inferior to those - and that was quite some time back (in mobile terms). All of the rebranded HTC devices (things like the Trion, Orbit, SPV M3100 etc) offer everything the P990 does, but better. If (god help you) you like the interface on it though, you might be best off waiting a little bit for the P1, which will be SE's new flagship smartphone.

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    Another N95 owner here and very pleased with it. The screen is fantastic, great for photos & video, and large enough to comfortably play lucasarts games through the symbian version of ScummVM.

    The GPS works superbly, although it's a little slow initially in picking the satelites.

    A new firmware was released a few days ago which has improved the responsiveness of the phone for me, and it fixes alot of other stuff too, although I wasn't having any issues beforehand.

    The wi-fi is nice to have, there are a disturbing amount of unsecured networks around!

    You may want to wait for the N82 though, pretty much all the same features in a smaller package and a better flash.

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    How do you get the new firmware?

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    Be advised to back stuff up first. Also be prepared for your licenses for Openbit Maps/Quickoffice to magically disappear.

    Don't think O2 have approved it for their branded handsets yet, but if you've got an unlocked/generic handset, or branded to any other network you should be able to update it.

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    I have a Nokia 6233 which is great. Does a bit of everything.

    What's the difference between that and the 6300?

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    Siemens EL71. Looks classy, well built, great screen and sound quality. Best UI of any phone at present. IMHO.


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