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    San d'Oria Missions

    How many people here are doing the San d'Oria story. I'm on Rank 5 at the moment and I was wondering if anyone else needed them, maybe we could get together and get them done.

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    Sandy 5-1 and 5-2 are shared across all nations so anyone will do you on those missions.

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    Aye I know, just seeing if any one else needed them or if anyone was at rank 6 or so and was looking to finish the story off.

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    I'm at rank 5, and could do with finishing those missions off. However, I don't know when I'll reach level 60 (46.9 at present), so it might be a while before I can take part.

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    To do mission 5 - 1 you need to be level 50 & 5 - 2 you need to be level 55.

    5 - 1 is capped at level 50, 5 - 2 isn't capped. Let me know when you hit level 50 and we can get the first one out of the way, we can shout for the other party members in Jeuno. For mission 5 -2 I can go as Paladin we shouldn't need a full party if we can get a couple of level 75's to help out.

    I don't think I could solo the shadowlord with my Paladin.

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    I'll most likely be RNG/WAR for the immediate future in this game, will that be suitable for mission 5-1?

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    You really don't want to be fighting the Shadowlord with 75s or you'll ruin the whole experience. It's one of the game's biggest battles, taking in too many 75s will result in far too easy a win.

    The Shadowlord isn't really that high a level, if you must have a 75 go as you are Kenji and leave the other slots for 65 or less.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vanicent View Post
    I'll most likely be RNG/WAR for the immediate future in this game, will that be suitable for mission 5-1?
    RNG suits most BCs in the game quite nicely so I wouldn't worry about it.

    Oh, and I wouldn't recommend using /war as your sub in exp parties, depending on how far a distance you need to run from a camp to find a mob you could be dead before you get back. Carry on lvling your ninja and use /war for BCs and endgame stuff (hopefully you'll get there someday)
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    Could anyone give me hand getting The Ruins of Fei'Yin done please. I tried the other week and it didn't go to well. I've already done it once when I was with windy.



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