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    110 members. Get in.

    Hopefully when we have 300+ lvl70s we can arrange a co-ordinated world-wide raid on the alliance - eight full legions, each a 40-man raid party. We will single-handedly crash the server!

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    Changed my mind
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    newbie question

    won a few pvp battles but dont appear to get anything for them is that right ?

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    PvP battles where? Out in the world or in a Battleground?

    Battlegrounds award both 'honor points' and 'marks of honor'. Marks of honor are tokens (you can stack up to 100) that can be traded in to specific PvP vendors along with a small amount of honor in exchange for gear/potions/trinkets etc... 3 for a win, 1 for a loss. There are four different types of honor marks, one for each battleground.

    Honor points accumulate faster depending on what level you're playing at, at lvl39 it took me about two weeks of constant PvP to get a measly 14k, now I can rake in 3-4k a night. The level of the rewards are comparative though, I need to save over 120k honor for my lvl70 base PvP stuff. When you start saving honor for the top end gear you will find yourself throwing away stacks of marks of honor as they become useless beyond the lvl50 rewards.

    although if you're fighting out in the world you only get honor from killing people either around you level or above. They used to deduct your honor for ganking lowbies but they took that out.

    PvP rewards are comparitive to some of the best dungeon gear to an extent. I'm pretty much fully decked out in it.


    The PvP vendors can be found in Mor'Shan Base Camp (north barrens, on the left before it turns into Ashenvale - Warsong Gulch PvP vendor ), Hammerfall in Arathi Highlands (The Defilers - Arathi Basin dealers ), and Hall of Legends in Orgrimmar (honor points/general PvP item dealers )... unless you're lolAlliance then I don't have a clue where they're at.

    --- That's the very first PvP reward you want to aim for - it will save your life many times and you should have it equiped in PvP up until lvl70 (when you get a better one). They make them for every class too, not just the one I linked to.
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    cheers out in the game world

    i did win a few but didnt seem to get anything at all one win was against someone the same level to

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    If you look at your character info and then go to the PvP tab you will see you have a few honor (about 2-3 for one kill generally. lol)

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    cheers getting the hang of the game now

    still really underpowered though i am level 30 and i dont have that much equipment joined a decent guild though and they have helped me out alot

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    I'm on for levelling up my warrior on Auchindoun PvP realm, the thing is I'd be completely isolated on there and would have to find a guild all over again etc, and then bum around with crap gear unless I mined non-stop as I wouldn't be able to transfer money.


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