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    If you PM me or Bort we'll send an invite to you for the group. We had to lock it down as there were spammers and all sorts finding their way in. Mods, can we get this made sticky?

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    Done, and feel free to fire me an invite: Number45.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Number45 View Post
    Done, and feel free to fire me an invite: Number45.

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    What games do people play? Might be worth looking at hiring a server for a night or something and playing some steam stuff

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    Heh, just realised you can look at what people play on the group page. Looks like TF2 is the popular multiplayer game of choice.

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    Which name do I require you guys to know? I forgot how steam community works.

    I think speedlolita should work mind..

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    Fire us an invite too please; rossmccafferty

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    Hi, please can I also get an invite to the group - my profile is Darksavior on Steam.

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    Need to get on Quake Wars you know that game is boss right guys.

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    Guys if you add me Freelancepolice to your steam list I'll add you all


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