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    Just joined on with my old live tag "Mr Pump"

    Seriously getting into some old school quake 3 action at the moment

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    Anyone on here still play CS: Source? I've just gone back to it as the summer drought of games begin.

    I've joined the community group for NTSC-uk, so if anyone's ever playing CS then send me an invite. I may also pick up Team Fortress 2 for the PC soon as lots of you on here have said how much it's changed since its release, which means the Xbox 360 version is really out of date.

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    even if the pc version was vanilla like the x360 version, it would still be way better.

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    How does the game play now, in terms of what drastic changes have been made? I've seen the update for a bow and arrows weapon available to the Scout.

    Also what's the level like where you have two mine carts or something moving past each other? It sounds brilliant.

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    It's hard to say how its changed. Overall, ignoring the actual content upgrades the game has been further balanced and made more focused and fast paced. The content upgrades give the game alternative ways to play and generally help the variety in gameplay. Also, lets not forget that the game supports bigger numbers of players and has about 20 official maps as opposed to the 5 on the X360 version.

    Before I switched to PC version I used to play the X360 pretty much everyday. If you do make the jump you will definitely notice a difference.

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    Well I played just over 100 hours on 360, so I should certainly notice the difference.

    I'm going to purchase this today I think from Steam. Hopefully the download wont take too long. I'm really looking forward to seeing all the new maps and weapon balancing etc.

    If anyone wants to add me for this i'm in the NTSC-uk group called: Squire Malc

    Just had a look at the price of TF2 and it' £13.99 on Steam. So I may as well buy The Orange Box from Amazon as it's £11.96 with next day delivery. I get five games for cheaper than one that way.
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    just fyi, i just got a event invite from ntsc-uk which led me to a site phishing for ma password and ****.

    i am currently putting in fake usernames and passwords

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    Hehe, I'm giving them messages through the username and password entrys.

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    PM the link to one of the moderators on the Steam forums, so action can be taken.


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