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    I may get this soon and experience my first ever MMORPG

    I hopefully should be picking this up from play on 360.

    Never played an MMORPG before but i'm eager to learn it.

    I take it the 360 version of this runs well on console? As i'll be doing the one month free subscription that I get with the game and seeing if i like it enough to buy more time on it!

    Anyone got any nice screens to impress or chitty chatter about what types of armour, weapons spells etc. that you can get? Also a rundown on how the games works: is it random battles with NPC's or is it only PvP fights?
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    The game runs great on my 360, looks the part too (well as well as it can for a 4 year old game at least).

    Try xboxyde for screenshots (if it's still up and running), they always seem to be the best quality on there.

    Battles are real time with monsters that appear throughout the game's areas.

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    The 360 version runs ok I find it faster on my PC but I play on both...

    As for the game if you want a looka round take a look at the wiki, it has buckets of info

    Fights are varied, mobs are rendered and wander about the place, some are agressive others aren't. The first 10 levels are as a rule soled and the next 65 in general done in parties.

    PvP does exist but is restricted to specified battlefields (Brenner & balista) so no being randomly creamed whilst out and about.

    A new expansion is due November so would be an ideal time to start getting sed to things before the innevitable new influx of players when the expansion lands.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tsingtao View Post
    The first 10 levels are as a rule soled and the next 65 in general done in parties.
    Could you please explain what this means? I don't quite understand properly.

    Also, can you use a mic' on the 360 version or is it keyboard only?

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    Basically the first 10 levels are spent in a solo adventure to get use to the job and how the game works, its also about the only point in the game where you can easily take on Even match mobs* and gain exp faster than you can in a party, once you hit lvl 10-15 it becomes harder to chain** mobs to for decent exp so you from this point on join 5 other people to form a balanced 6 man killing squad.

    It's Keyboard only(as you'll be playing with Ps2/PC users and the entire world NA/EU/JP) but you can use the 360 guide chat like in another game but it's not worth it.

    * monster can be checked and rated to your currenty level, so if you can solo them Weak -> easy prey -> Decent match -> Even Match -> Tough -> Very Tough -> Incrediable Tough. Variations of each come with Low def/eva, high def/eva, and theres "impossible to gauge" which are special mobs that drop rare items can could be any level(usually you check up a on website for it actual level)

    ** Fighting Even Match and above, killing quickly will result in extra exp usually up to a chain 5, so instead fo 200 exp you get 250-300.

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    You can use a joypad and Bind most controls to that. I found that much more comfortable than using KB and mouse, jsut using a little KB to chat

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    Is it quite easy to join up with some people once you reach the high enough level? I'd imagine myself randomly exploring lands and then geting killed in one by a monster I just happned to run into.

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    it can be quite random, you'll most likely find yourself LFG for long periods if you don't make your own parties or setup a static exp party. Main reason is the ffxi player base is quite old so sometimes you could be missing a key job like tank or support because half the player base has leveled them now. Plus Japanese player tend to only play with the japanese players base during JP prime so finding a party during 9am-5pm will suck outside of weekends.

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    I could allways party up with any of you guys on here right? providing you're playing at the same time as I am.

    Is it really not possible to go at it all on my own?

    Sorry for all the questions, i'm very inquisitive.

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    not unless we have job to use with in your level bracket (ideally the party should never be more than 3 lvl difference between lowest and higest for exp), and at the moe rargh been pretty dead dj,tsing and i are mostly on our endgame Ls that tsing runs, but you occasional see moot, mosely, calabog and skeleton in rargh currently leveling jobs inthere 40-60's, so the likely hood of us being in exp inthe low levels is quite low unless we make the effort, i would mind level my rdm though , it still lvl1 lol. Rargh isn't what it use to be sadly.

    You could solo on ep/dc mobs but it take ages.


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