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    That little controller add-on doesn't work with games for some reason, you'd need a USB keyboard.

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    Doesn't it also lack a Tab key which would rule out the use of the auto-translator?

    Shame really as I was thinking of grabbing one for the rare occasion I play the 360 version.

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    Meh, if that was the worst it did I wouldn't mind. I could use the controller for the very rare occasions I actually bother with the auto translator lol

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    No way that controller addon doesnt work for games?! thats ****! I was gonna buy one too.

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    ****, if you like playing into the morning expect to be up until 7/8am quite regularly. Japanese people tend to start logging on at midnight-2 (8am+ for them) so that's when the parties warm up, when I mean warm up I mean actually being some use and not taking 3 hours to get a level in. Ideal if you have no job/work until late.

    Although you do sometimes get the elitist japanese pricks who think they're god...
    "[English][Party][No thanks]^ ^"

    They just make me want to go to war with Japan.
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    I have just seen the new expansion pack trailer up on marketplace, and i'm even more hyped to get this now! After I get a break in the flow of games pouring out i'll definately pick this up.

    But should I get the GOTY edition, and then the newest expansion coming out next month on marketplace? As I don't know how to get hold of any of the previous expansions other than the GOTY package. neither how to buy the newest release in November?

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    We’re talking 360 version here yes?

    If so, all 360 versions include the main game and the 3 expansions released so far (Rise of the Zilart, Chains of Promathia and Treasures of Aht Urghan) as standard so it’s very easy.

    The upcoming expansion (Wings of the Goddess) will need to be purchased separately.

    PC wise it is slightly more complicated.

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    Yes, I'm talking about the 360 version.

    So is there any point me buying the GOTY edition, when I may aswell get the normal edition that was released way back when, if you said they all include the first 3 expansions?

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    The newer verison onthe 3pack(i have the original white box on 360) will need less patching than the 2007 edition or GOTY edition to bring it up to spec. Either way you looking at 3/4 hrs of downloading

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    Quote Originally Posted by Daragon View Post
    That little controller add-on doesn't work with games for some reason, you'd need a USB keyboard.
    Major Oversight for sure Thank you for that info though.


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