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Thread: WoG - buying it

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    WoG - buying it

    Where we all buying WoG from? Forgotten where i got Toau from, as i need ot buy the US PC verison then the EU xbox360 verison...

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    I need to bag the UK PC and 360 version thing is its out in a month and i cant find it anywhere.... might be a going to game jobbie on teh day.

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    I need US PC and UK 360, think I got it frm importmadness last time but I'm not sure. Post where you order from, hoping its released before the day so I'm not waiting on the US post to upgrade.

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    I'll probably nab my US PC version from Gamestop. They were decent for ToAU.

    EU 360 version will just be a case of wherever I can find it cheapest. Has the 360 had a confirmed date yet? Last I heard, S-E were stalling on it citing issues with MS.

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    I'd be majorly sick if I didn't get this at the same time as everyone else. For something like this getting it on day1 is essential.

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    What has happened previously, the expansion is released then the content activated a few days later.

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    That (WoG) has to be the worst acronym yet.

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    Marketplace download maybe? I mean this just isnt on the radar for UK games shops online or offline >..> I cant find it anywhere.
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    Nah, looks like the 360 (US) version has a listing so I guess any issues that were around have been resolved.


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