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Thread: WoG - buying it

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    lol, can't even get in to reggister the Content ID

    Registration server seems b0rk3d.

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    Turns out my copy of WoG has arrived from Gamestop too - Now THAT is what I call shipping. I only ordered it Wednesday evening for a dispatch of yesterday lol.

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    Awesome innit!

    Shame S-E's registration servers are up the swanny.

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    Has anyone been able to confirm whether or not GAME are stocking the 360 version? I actually went into the one in town this lunchtime for some more Eye of Judgement cards and completely forgot to look

    It's on their website I notice but is it likely to be on the shelves?

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    They had the PC version in stock yesterday, so I would hazard a guess it will be in store.

    Can't be 100% certain though.

    PC version was only £15 which is cheaper than they listed on the website.

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    That sounds good to me, will check this evening.

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    I've no idea whats happening with VG+ and the PC version. I've ordered it from somewhere else now, it's still gonna be middle of next week before I get it tho >_<

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    And I failed to obtain the 360 version so I won't be ready until Tuesday by the looks of things

    Stupid GAME only received stock of the PC version on Friday. I tried all 3 GAME stores in the Trafford Centre and my local one last night and none of them even had the PC version. Sold out apparently.

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    Anyone had their VG+ order show up yet?

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    To celebrate the launch Squenix have tried to bring back old players by sending them the dvd starter pack. It says nothing about if there are any expansions in the box. I would havefer to sell it but everyone interested in FFXI must already have it by now.


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