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    Transfering from PC client to 360 possible?

    Thought id post this here instead of the console section, anyway.

    Im thinking of starting up FFXI again...again, anyway back in the day it was told that your POL ID and all that is linked to your cd keys, now im not even 100% sure about all this these days. Anyway i was thinking of now using the 360 to play FFXI, which would mean picking up the 360 version and installing...and then possibly finding out i cant retrieve my account on the 360 version? Hope that makes sense, anybody got any ideas? thanks

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    It works fine, the play online and live accounts get linked and you need all of your old play online details.

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    Yup as Melenko said it works fine. You can use your POL account name and password to login to any version of POL. I run 360 and PC versions together.

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    Excellent, thanks for help chaps

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    dont forget the addons, you should use the registration codes from the 360 box if you didn't have them on the pc/ps2


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