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    Considering a move

    I have a question of the NTSC folk who play FFXI, I just wondered if theres an active LS you are all part of?

    I've been playing on Garuda since the NA PS2 launch, but having not really played for the last few months and with WoTG coming up, I'm at the point where I may just quit, unless I can find a bunch of people who actively do stuff, Assaults/Sea/Dynamis and the like, In which case i may consider a server switch.

    So yeah, whats the state of play on your server? I'm way past the "gotta play all day every day" stage, but it would be cool to have people around I could do stuff with when I do log on.

    And sorry for the incoherent post, it's been a long week.

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    There is yeah, it's a bit empty atm as most of us are away with other games. A couple of active end game shells but most are in NA time.

    I would imagine we'd get our numbers back around the time of the exp pack though.

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    We have a social shell on here but as dara said its not very active at all at the moment with people away or moving on to other things. Tsing and me from here run a Sky/Sea LS which is based around a EU time zone. Most of us have different LSs for Dyna and Limbus. (All EU times thou)

    As for assaults I did lots with Rarehero from here when he was about more and after that Me, Tsing and Tobal from here have kinda finished of the rest. We are not pretty much just got some FLs to clear. We dont have an LS for it but we know plenty of FLs so its not very hard to find members to fill up the grp.

    In our Sky/Sea LS we have lots of members really only just starting doing Assault so there is plenty of people all at different stages.

    All i do atm is log on for events, although iv been loggin on for the odd exp session on rdm atm. Ill post times for my shells to give u an idea.

    Mon - 10pm GMT - Limbus
    Tue- 8pm GMT -Dyna
    Wed - 5pm GMT - Sky/Sea
    Thur - 10:30pm GMT - Limbus
    Friday 5pm GMT - Sky/Sea
    Sat - 4pm GMT - Dyna (Think thats the correct time i dont attend on sat)
    Sunday 4pm GMT- Sky/Sea

    Hope that helps.


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