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    The big 2.3 patch

    I gotta say i'm tempted to come back seeing the changes. If I can get through the 40-60 grind quicker it'll definitely tempt me back. Any word on how much the xp balance has changed?

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    The reduction in XP required to level between 20-60 is around 20%. Pretty significant when you get up towards the higher levels. Also dont forget there's additional quest reward XP on quests between 30-60, loot improvement in all non-Outland instances and alot of Elite/Group quests made soloable. Should make a pretty big difference.

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    Yeah, this'll make a big difference to me (at lvl 34 at present). Guess they want everyone in Outland before Lich King comes out.

    Took an eternity to download for some reason.

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    Guild banks and all the little touches are nice additions, however there is a massive problem on my realm in that there are no healers and tanks at end-game (the ones that do exist are in one of the three 'mainstream' raiding guilds), why bother levelling a character the proper way when you can get your DPS character boosted for 60 lvls? It's not uncommon on our realm to be LFG for Hellfire Ramparts/Blood Furnace for 4 days and then end up with people who don't even know what aggro means yet. Plus I don't think any of our guilds are half-way towards reaching Illidan yet which is disturbing.

    So yeah, easier levelling = good for old players, bad for new. It's just the same as power levelling in FFXI, get casually boosted and have your hand held all the way up to lvl serious and then end up totally hopeless when left to play properly, all so that you can winge to the developers about stuff being too hard, when infact it's you being too ****.

    PvP is where it's at on my lolPvE realm, now I'm faced with the impossible task of finding a good team (ie: holy paladin) for season3 which starts on the 27th, or else I'll probably go in alone for beefy 1vs2 action which will never get me any points but meh. Just completed my Lunacy Deck anyhow so yay.
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