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    Any new players?


    I just started playing World Of Warcraft and I was wondering if there are any other new players such as myself out there.

    I'm an undead warlock running about leveling (lv12!) and exploring. I haven't tried dungeons or raids yet (don't know what/where it is) but I figure I will get to that.

    I'm not in a guild as I prefer to work alone or in tiny groups (2 to 5 people)
    Can't recall what server I'm on, but please let me know if you are a rubbish noobling such as myself and we can do stuff and see stuff together.

    I ventured into the nightelf area north of Ogrimar last night and got killed by some mean spiders 5 times in a row before I could get the hell out of there. One day I shall return and teach them a lesson, when I have gotten a huge and evil pet.


    edit>I was also challenged to a duel last night by an orc magician who was one lever higher than me but me and my imp beat him!
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    I might be giving up soon. I can't get an arena team as everyone only accepts 'easy mode' talent specs. It is a good game though if you're doing to 1-70 haul, and the battlegrounds are the finest big-team PvP there is in any game.

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    Hello David.

    Whats an arena and talent specs?

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    once you hit level 10 u cans tart using talent specs, u get a talent point to use each time u level up, press N to open up the talent spec menu and you'll see where abouts you can spend your points to improve your character. There are 3 talent trees to each class and it will basically determine how you will play.

    For instance on my paladin the three trees are Holy (Healing), Protection (Tank) and Reribution (Damage). I spent nearly all my points in holy which gives me extra healing abilites and spells so i can heal other people well, but because i haven't spent alot of points in Prot or Retri i do crap dmg and im crap at taking dmg.

    Dont worry if you spent points in one area and then regret it as you can unlearn talents at your class trainner for a cost and respend them as you wish.

    Arena is 2v2, 3v3 or 5v5 pvp, basically your team will go up against another team in a fight till the death. If you win you get points which you can use to buy epic level items.

    Hope that helps

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    Thanks! I just used the talents specs now for my shadow bolt. I'm a level 13 now and I can easily kill lv 15 enemies(only one at a time though)

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