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    I quite fancy trying this when I finish uni this week and get my PC fixed, I'll have 2 weeks to spare with no uni work so can hammer it for a while to see if I like it!

    Wanna hook me up with a key!?

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    There's a link for a trial off of the main website now at

    Quote Originally Posted by View Post
    Im same with it. Ive tried last few days but from looking around very littles changed really apart from the BC areas. Warrior still seems same pathetic old mess in protection build (ie I was getting killed near enough by two mobs at lvl57 when I was 59 which other classes can nuke easily enough) and he still feels like hes just going to be a meat shield for dungeons and crap solo. I read into it online and it seems to be the case that if I want to go protection I have to have a harder time soloing in return (which I found out AFTER Id chosen protection).

    Ive tried leveling up my mage and lock more in their 20s but I dont think Ive got the energy for it all again especially as Im playing Mario Galaxy at same time. Place also seems very quiet from what it used to be online so I think I wont be resubbing next month.
    Prot has always had a hard time solo, right from the start. It's an unfortunate and unfair trade off for probably the most dedicated class/spec in the game.

    You can always respec of course, because some of the other warrior builds are godly.

    As for it being quiet, other than the major faction capitals that's not surprising with the majority of people at BC content and spending more time in Outland (Shattrath specifically).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rossco View Post
    I quite fancy trying this when I finish uni this week and get my PC fixed, I'll have 2 weeks to spare with no uni work so can hammer it for a while to see if I like it!

    Wanna hook me up with a key!?
    Choose Ghostlands realm, that's where I am. It may say Full/Locked but you can still create characters there anyway.

    I can't get you into my guild as it's for lvl70 PvPers only. Just get to 70 pronto and start caning battlegrounds (cross-realm PvP: CTF, Territories etc.) with me.

    Then after you're geared from BG you can take part in Arena, which is basically 2v2, 3v3 and 5v5 in static teams that you stick with for weeks on end generating rating/points.

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    Ahhh overloaded already dude!

    Do you choose different types of guys too like Oblivion kinda style, whats that like? I'm gonna pure suck at games like this, never really played one before. Should be interesting though!

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    Yeah, when you first start it up you get to choose a race (Human/Dwarf/Undead/Blood Elf etc... (This also determines your faction... make sure you roll Horde! )). Then you choose your class (Mage/Warrior/Rogue/Priest etc...) which determines in which official forum you'll spend the rest of the time whining.

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    My advice is to start a few characters off at once until you fully decide what to 'be'. It won't be until you start earning talent points at every level that your character will develop down one of three talent 'trees', or perhaps a hybrid of two.

    Just make sure you're Horde or you'll regret it.

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    Horde okay, I'll remember that!

    Getting my new Q6600 tomorrow so I'll get stuck into this straight away!

    How big is the download for this? As my internet is playing silly buggers right now so might take ages to download too!

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    All four WoW CDs, plus all four TBC CDs, plus the patches comes in at about... 8GB. Yeah, not nice.

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    Jeez oh, and you need to download that whole lot before you can play?

    If my internet is as it should be, wouldn't take an hour, but as its going right now, could take a few days!

    Can you buy you get a free trial cd's in the shops or anything?

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    I'm not sure to be honest, I haven't seen anything... but then I don't go in shops!

    If you weren't right at the other end of the country I'd glady give you a lend of my external HDD (Which has all of the discs in ISO format (Install with Daemon Tools) as well as the patch executables to bring it up to 2.3.2).


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