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    Starting/returning to WoW? Get your trial key here

    Returning to WoW:

    nvite a friend that has left World of Warcraft to return with a FREE 10-Day Trial of the Burning Crusade. If your friend reactivates their account and pays for a month of gametime, you will receive a month of WoW FREE! You can only invite someone who was once a paid subscriber and last played the game more than 90 days ago.

    Starting WoW:

    eceive a FREE 30-Day Credit* to your account when you recruit a friend into World of Warcraft. Click the button below to e-mail a Free 10-day Trial Key to a friend (for more information on the 10-Day trial key click here). This key is traceable back to your account, and if your friend purchases a retail account and pays for their first 30 days of subscription time, then your account will be automatically credited with a free 30 days. It?s that simple.

    So, if you fancy returning to WoW or starting again, drop me a PM with your email address (and state whether you're returning or starting a new account) and I'll send you a key. Doing it this way instead of just buying a retail copy means you get a free 10 day trial and I get a free months game time, so it's win win

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    The links are gifs. I think I may be interested in returning - I've not played for over a year but will probably have some spare time over the festive period.

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    LOL! the capital letters have copied across! I might start doing that with all my posts.

    I've returned after quitting for 4 days. Totally new realm (PvP) and away from the ez-mode crowd, I hope. Gonna see how far I can get with this build before having to care about gear.

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    Didnt see this until after I resubbed today. I havent been near WOW for 10months and only then the year before that was to resub twice to not loose my 8 chars (one 59 rest in 20s). I went mental when it came out for about 4months to June time 05 then server I was on Doomhammer got hit by server issues with latency and gave up as Blizzard couldnt fix em (and I remember that started around April 05). Tried going back a few times after that but I was burnt out with it.

    I need something at moment though just to sit quiet at and chill out for a few hours a day as having a nasty patch with my disabilty so thought Id check and lo and behold my chars are still their even though my sub ran out last April so resubbed for the month to see whats changed in basically the last two years. Bought BC for £10 as well to at least twink my alts when I get my fat warrior up from 59-70 (reason I left was they where crap class and couldnt blumming tank when I played em in protection it was all Paladins then). Ive heard about the 20-60 being much faster so no doubt I will do what I did before and play 2-3 at a time and rest two while I play one for that day then swap over for x2 all the time :P Dunno whether to do a Rogue or Lock though

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    I take it by chilling out you plan to only take part in PvE activities? I wish I'd never discovered PvP, it has me tearing my hair out sometimes - like when I'll destroy 4/5 people seperately, sometimes two at once... and then 10mins later they will all gang up at once and rape me whilst laughing/spitting on me.

    It's funny when I get opponents from other realms create lvl1 alts to flame me with after completely taking the piss out of them, usually by moonwalking around them in an undead costume whilst they are seduced. Such a great game really.


    My advice to you mate would be to lvl a Paladin. You have the choice there of either being tank (saught after) / healer (heavily saught after) / or DPS and can collect all the different gear for each spec depending on your mood that day.
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    I think you'd be better off playing a druid, as they tend to be more.. respected as tanks than paladins, so you'd have a better chance of finding a group.

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    Yeah, true. tbh I don't know what the score is but I find Druids much more friendly as well when it comes to generally dealing out buffs... Paladins need asking and then you're lucky if they respond.

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    Sorry but I detest pallys. They where the bane of my life as a Warrior starting out as I would find it difficult getting groups lower out and them pillocks would get me place, be able to tank better and of course heal themselfs. I know its changed now but at launch they where the easiest class for ages and people started reliasing eventually that yes I can hold aggro I aint going again with another tank as I found Warrior to be a yawn fest on PVE (only did it for guild I was in as everyone went hunters then they all quit lol) so I will do mine up to 70 and thats it and use him for twinking or raids etc..

    I have a lower level 1 around 20 (I have 8 chars on Doomhammer 7 in 20s Warrior 59) and next one Im doing is either Mage,Priest,Lock or Rogue just for myself. I always liked to switch alot and rest one to get x2 and do same area with another one, remember though its going on 18months since I played it properly lol

    Yea I only done PVE, PVP areas had only just got added when I quit for Battlegrounds so never been near them as Doomhammer was PVE (I only resubbed every 6months since to stop chars dying as knew Id go back one day). Reason I quit was due to the outages all time as they had faulty server for months on that one.

    Ive got to finish some console games first though as if the addiction does come back that will be it for 3months.
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    I resubbed to this the other day but I just can't get any enthusiasm up for it again. Not that I really want to of course, because then it eats my life away.

    (Even started on a PvP realm to see if it would make any difference, but I'm only level 12 at the moment)

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    Im same with it. Ive tried last few days but from looking around very littles changed really apart from the BC areas. Warrior still seems same pathetic old mess in protection build (ie I was getting killed near enough by two mobs at lvl57 when I was 59 which other classes can nuke easily enough) and he still feels like hes just going to be a meat shield for dungeons and crap solo. I read into it online and it seems to be the case that if I want to go protection I have to have a harder time soloing in return (which I found out AFTER Id chosen protection).

    Ive tried leveling up my mage and lock more in their 20s but I dont think Ive got the energy for it all again especially as Im playing Mario Galaxy at same time. Place also seems very quiet from what it used to be online so I think I wont be resubbing next month.
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