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    Which server is everyone ? I've just reinstalled this as well and wouldn't mind getting back in to it.

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    Looks like we're splattered all over the place!

    There's too many realms on WoW.

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    Yeah man, its a bit much, but between us we have a few on Al'Akir and Dunemaul so pick one of those and we can kick ass together!

    I wont be on tonight though, pure hooked on CoD4 again but maybe Sunday afternoon for a big long session to try n catch up with you guys.

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    If you're looking for people that play during the day at weekends, then I'd stay away from my realm. I never get on during the day, just a couple of hours most evenings.

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    if you wanna play horde and concentrate of pve then the realm ive always been on is ideal (Draenor) with so many guilds in ssc and tk on there atm its fairly easy to get into 25man raiding and if transfering a descent equipped toon theres 3 horde guilds on draenor that have downed illidan. draenor alliance isnt too bad either theres 2-3 guilds progressing through black temple and mount hyjal. Also on horde side we have 2 very good battleground/arena guilds if thats your thing.

    pvp realms from my own experience (got a druid on sunstrider) get tedious after a while when farming for an enchant or whatever your constantly on the look out for some poxy alliance thats gonna pick you off when low on health. Unless your hardcore into pvp go on a pve server and hit the battlegrounds for your pvp fix

    if you do chose to re roll on draenor gimme a shout n ill be able to run you through some instances providing im not instancing or raiding (Ascari - lvl 70 bloodelf paladin) being raid holy spec i can only solo upto scholomance tho

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    You know that's actually quite good to hear. Choosing a realm is so difficult in WoW (As I said before, there are too many - there should be less with a higher capacity if you ask me) and I'm all about the PvE personally.

    Might level a Druid/Mage over there and see how it is, then if it's OK I can always move my SPriest over as well.

    EDIT: Just noticed your post time... can tell you're a WoW'er.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rossco View Post
    I take it you've left Ghostlands then if you want me to join Al'Akir?
    Split minds mate >< I've put so much work into this silly blood elf that I'm finding it hard to put down

    My warlock is lvl17 on Al'Akir if you want to create a 2nd character anyroad. Get to lvl19 and we'll both kick ass in 10v10 CTF until we save up for our 1st PvP reward (Insignia of the Horde).

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    BTW Rossco, I now have a mage on Al'AKir, Cryo (lvl7 atm, how the hell that name wasn't already taken idk). So that's warlock at 17 and mage at 7, catch up boi!!!!

    I'll only be playing these characters casually whilst rushing them to lvl70 as fast as possible... absolutely no need for me to worry about gear along the way. It'd be nice to see you overtake me though so it gives me more reason to dig into the PvP realm and more specifically lvl up my more 'suited to the job' Undead characters
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    i plau on wow server 2.4.3 fun server instant level best server in the world


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