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Thread: Soloing - Help?

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    Well my honest advidce is if you are not up for the grind and party play you should avoid FFXI. It is not very solo friendly though now days it is common for BLMs to solo to 75 from around level 40 - 50 and is fairly efficient, on top of that you have BST, BLU and SMN.

    Even doing that though you will find yourself needing for sub jobs. The good news is that BLM, SMN and BLU are wanted for all end game shells and missions.

    Over all though FFXI is a significant investment in time and effort and you need to enjoy it. It took me nearly 2 years to get my first job to 75 via semi casual play and around 4 months for my second playing regularly.

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    I've just started as a Taru MNK (strange I know - but I wanted Taru for the later MP benefits and I just enjoy the MNK job!) and am on the Seraph server - so anyone on the Seraph server, drop me a PM or a message on PlayOnline (I'm called RagingAvatar on there) I could use all the help I can get!

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    Max MP isn't really all that, once the exp or bcnm starts you'll never be at mx mp again. Taru will benifit the most from base stats that use magic but you getting get battered with low HP as result.

    Give us you character name and one of us will hunt you down.

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    Taru I'd say suits WHM, BLM and SMN best where MP pool and INT are king. RDM MP pool matters little with convert and tends to lend itself to elves for the MND but small MP pool and mithra adn hume for all round.

    More of an aisde there but hey why not, not online much at the moment things to do out in RL land. Got a bunch of exams late january so not online much till after that.

    Good luck and hope you enjoy it!


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