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    How busy are the servers?

    I used to play FF XI a couple of years ago and to be honest i've really started to miss playing recently, i guess its the boring winter nights which are tempting me. I did start up very briefly again last summer, on fairy, and found it really deserted, there were barely any people about and finding low level parties was impossible. Is it generally busier now after WOG got released?

    Also i have US PC versions of the main games and COP, do i need the US versions of TOU and WOG, or can i buy UK ones?

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    Yeah, you'll need the US versions of TOU and WoG - not sure whether or not TOU is sold seperately on PC anymore other than on ebay, although you can try gamestop.

    Seraph which is the server we play on is one of the more busier servers so finding parties and that won't be difficult. Our social Linkshell is a bit dead at the moment however.

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    I think you've missed the low level surge in places like Valkurm/Qufim etc that would have occurred when lots of people started on the new jobs as it has been a few months now since that happened.

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    I was concerned about that too, I played FFXI for a while but had to quit around level 40 but really enjoyed it up to that point.

    I have just been reading the playonline site and it says it supports maestro payment now, is this true?

    Aside from that I was wondering (as last time I played it I had a lot of spare time) If I was to start playing now, how long would I really have to put into the game in order to get the most out of it?

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    Well i actually managed to revive my character as they are doing a promotion at the moment so at least i didn't have to start at the beginning. Its pretty weird playing it again but i'm going to try it out and see how it goes.


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