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    My mate's been waiting for WEEKS for it from Tesco. WEEKS I tell you.

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    Looking for the new-gen iPod Nanos, preferably 8GB. Wheres the cheapest place?


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    I'm still looking for Ocean's Trilogy and Mission Impossible Trilogy on UK compatible Blu-ray.

    Not having any luck at all with M.I. as it's often around ?45 which seems a ridiculous price to me.

    Ocean's isn't so bad as I've seen it around ?35. Has anybody seen it for less than that though?

    Also, I've been on and off about buying myself an NGage the past couple of months as I'd seen a few in my local shops but they seem to have disappeared now. Only interested in it for games rather than the phone.

    Where would people recommend for a cheap one?

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    On the subject of cheap blu-ray boxsets, is there anywhere selling the US Spider-Man trilogy set on blu-ray?

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    Anyone know the best place to get a 360 Play and Charge kit ? Gameplay have it for £12.99, will it arrive in the morning if i order now ? Do i need to get a battery aswell or does it all come together ?

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    You do get a battery with it yes.

    In store at GAME you can get their own brand one (battery and charging cable) for a tenner - I've been using it for yonks and no trouble.

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    I got a Game Battery, but didnt fit my pad correctly, so returned it and went official.

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    Mine fitted perfectly, Chunky with gameplay you'll have to pay 99p for first class post to get it quickly (not guaranteed tomorrow), may as well pop to the High St and pay the extra quid (RRP is £14.99) to be honest.

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    Looking for the best store-bought PS3 console deal. Don't mind bundles up to £350, or just the console on its own.

    Anyone seen a good offer?


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