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    blacksite might be new, but it aint refreshing!

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    Quote Originally Posted by neverevertrevor View Post
    blacksite might be new, but it aint refreshing!
    I was talking about Endless Ocean. Not Black****e.

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    endless ocean rules gameseek rules, you cant go wrong

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    I should be able to help with this thread but i can't

    Cheapest price for CoD4 is £37.98 @ Amazon, Ace Combat is £34.49 at Powerplay Direct.

    One thing i did wonder for this sort of thing is to have a seperate thread for each game which is kept up to date with the cheapest price. Problem is, i don't think anyone can edit the subject of a thread other than OP. So i guess that puts an end to that train of thought

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    HMV are selling CoD4:Special Edition (360) for £37.99, same price, but you get some bonus gadgets. Amazon is selling it for £34.97, but not in stock. If you go via quidco or similar you can knock off a few pence.

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    Were Play not selling COD4 Special Ediition for £34.99 - they were until recently anyway.

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    It's out of stock on play, and back up to £44.99 too.

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    Memory Stick Micro or MicroSD (1GB+)

    My new mobile turned up at 10AM today which isn't bad as I only ordered it at around 8 last night.

    The main reason I got this model was because it has a really good quality 5MP camera and because of this I need to now get hold of a Memory Stick Micro or MicroSD.

    I've got loads of the bigger cards but really need to a large capacity Micro version.

    Anybody know where I can get hold of them cheaply? I'm not willing to use eBay for memory cards as it's rife with fakes.

    I'm looking for an absolute minimum of 1GB at the moment.


  9. #29 have some really cheap cards and they're (surely?) official. Last time I checked I think it was £15 for a 2Gb Memory Stick Duo 2 (M2) card

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    Thanks Richard.

    I've treated myself to a 4GB Sony M2 for ?29:99!!!

    The last time I looked at them on Play they were ridiculously expensive but these things always seem to drop quite quickly.

    Just had a look around an the prices have dropped like hell for memory sticks, just found an 8GB Sony Pro Duo for ?59:99.


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