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    Looking for Bargains

    Thought this would be a a useful thing to start up for people who are looking to buy something and are looking to see if other people know where they can get those things cheaply!

    I couldn't really see anywhere that was suitable to ask general questions like this.

    Probably best to keep it to just a few things instead of a list of 100s to keep it simple for people.

    Maybe the price you've seen them for and what sort of price you're hoping to pay.

    If they are games or films make sure that you post the region that what you are looking for would need to be too.

    Mods, if this isn't suitable for some reason then just delete it!
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    I have a few things that I'm after at the moment and not surprisingly...they're all Blu-rays.
    1. Resident Evil Trilogy (Bought at ?36:99)
    2. Ocean's Trilogy
    3. Mission Impossible Trilogy
    I've seen Ocean's & MI going for around ?35 and RE for sale at around ?45. If you've seen them any cheaper just post it in here please.

    They'll be played on my UK PS3 so will need to be compatible with Region B players.
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    Axel have the USA Resident Evil set for £41 inc shipping. They're customs friendly as well.

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    Resident Evil trilogy: £36.99

    Movietyme have started some dodgy new scheme where they'll put items on their site twice - one with next-day UK shipping so you'll get it faster but you pay more They have the RE trilogy for £36.99 and then again at £44.99 with next-day shipping

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    Just seen that and ordered it now Richard!

    The more expensive version is used according to the listing so I'm not sure how that one works out!! lol

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    Yep, good idea for a thread

    I'm after Ace Combat 6 360 for as cheap as poss if anyone knows anywhere?...

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    Not seen it cheaper than the £35 have it for.

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    think your right, last time i looked it was 34.98 on amazon as well


    It seems I have time on my hands, here it is on ebay buy it now for 30 quid
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    Im looking for Endless Ocean on the PAL Wii. Ive been reading up on it and it sounds great, wouldn't mind picking it up as cheap as possible. any help is appreciated.


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