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    Absolute Virtue Pictues *Spoliers*

    Pictures from AV last night, watching SoU, BTL not even get him to 99% was shocking. Was up there about 2hours must have been hundreds of deaths, tons of people dropping to lvl74 too. This thing looks more impossible then i even imagined.

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    Aye from what I hear BTL were at it for 6hours with no luck >.<

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    That log should read

    "Reploidx was WTFPWN3D by Absolute Virtue!!!"

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    i thought it should read "face down ass up thats the way AV likes Reploidx"

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    We have taken a couple of shots again at AV recently with no joy, whatever the key to the fight is it is obscure!

    Everything to dte has ended up in wipes to CS meteor, last fight we buddied up with LNB for the same result. Interesting the shells are working with each other on this one, Apo held it up for us while we prepared for the fight.


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