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    I really enjoyed the show. Yakumo showed the professional tv stations how it should be done.

    I've always thought that any videogame game show should be done by passionate, obsessive, gaming geeks, who know their stuff. Sadly... the shows we've had on television( and still do ) are too corporate and created by either non-gamers, or casuals.

    Retro Core's focus on consoles, and the way the content had variety, was great. The humour and direct views, were also refreshing.

    I missed some Retro Core's, I think I'll try and download them all.

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    It was a great show, made me end up buying a few games that i'd otherwise of known nothing about in regards to some of the Saturn stuff. My personal favourites were the Akihabara and Saturn Shooter specials.

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    Fantastic show, i was devastated when it ended. But at least it ended for happier things.
    Yakumo knows his ****, speaks it like the pope and one hell of a sexy accent.
    Hes helped me out with stuff in the past and his ninja excursions in arcades are fantastic pieces of work & hilarity when he gets thrown out.

    *Chant with a lil run....RETRO COREBAT!

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    Just wanted to add my thanks for all the past Retro Cores Yakumo.

    Personally for me, I loved the shows structure, the variety of games and the fact that for me at least each show had at least one unheard of gem for me to discover. (and usually buy)

    Retro Core coming back would be amazing!

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    Retro Core was the best.

    I never got round to watching them all but I loved the earlier ones that were a bit rough round the edges, and the shooting specials.

    So yeah big thanks Yakumo

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    I don't know what Retro Core is, but due to my new found interest in retro, BRING IT BACK PLEASE!

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    Bring this lovely piece of epic back, or banhammer ahoy.

    Consider this a warning.


    Or was it...?

    (seriously though, this needs to be revived! )

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    Well guys (and Gals if there are any) all your nice posts are really heart warming and have inspired me an awful lot. I never knew just how popular Retro Core was to tell the truth.

    This March 25th my son will be one year old which means I'm now getting a little (but just a little) more free time. Will Retro Core return? The simple answer is NO. But what about Retro Core II I'm not saying when RCII will hit the net but all I can say is that it won't be too long. New 30 minute format with all the favorites making a come back such as ****e of the Month and who knows, maybe more undercover ninja camera work We'll see.

    Formats covered will be SFC, MD, PCE, SS, DC, NG on a regular basis with some FC, N64, MCD thrown in every now and then. If I can get my friends to lend me his PlayStation 2 we might see some stuff on that as well.

    Now to work out a new intro to the show. That's the hard part.


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    I know you used Bubblegum Crisis in the past for the intro. Why not do another classic, New Dominion Tank Police? Just been reaquiting myself with it recently. The japanese opening is great but so is the western version. Its a classic all the same.
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    I've never seen this show although after hearing about it I'd very much like to. Thing is none of the download links work, they all bring up error messages, am I doing something wrong?


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