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    Quote Originally Posted by moonwhistle View Post
    I've never seen this show although after hearing about it I'd very much like to. Thing is none of the download links work, they all bring up error messages, am I doing something wrong?
    Try this link

    Great to see that we might be getting a Retro Core II!

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    Just wanted to chip in to say how happy I am to finally see the show come back, no matter in which format.
    I enjoyed it immensely and was sad to see it go.

    Looked allover the web to find something similar, but to no avail.
    It's something very unique strangely enough. Sure you can find bits and bobs here or there of the same subject matter, but nothing that comes even close to RetroCore.

    Quote Originally Posted by Yakumo View Post
    Well guys (and Gals if there are any) all your nice posts are really heart warming and have inspired me an awful lot. I never knew just how popular Retro Core was to tell the truth.
    That's a bit of the trouble with the web.
    Many people quietly download and enjoy the show, but only a very small minority speaks out.
    And if they do you probably will never read about it Due to the number of message boards out there it's just about impossible to get an estimate
    of how loved the show actually is.

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    Retrocore was an excellent show, I would rave about it but I'm sure everyone who's seen it knows.

    I loved the Japan special, since I always wanted to visit but have this nagging fear that the country is a bit xenophobic.

    Yakumo, I'm sorry I leached so much stuff from your ftp 3/4 years ago. I tried to be careful but you had so much good stuff.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NeoStuey View Post
    Try this link

    Great to see that we might be getting a Retro Core II!

    Many thanks for link, I'm now watching these.

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    really wanted to see the fighting game special that would have been great

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    Sorry mate, the Saturn Fighting game special may never happen Still, The new volume of Retro Core II does feature a fighting game but what one ?


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    Bloody missed Retrocore, ace to see you're working on something new, good luck with it mate - can't wait to see it!

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    This March 25th my son will be one year old which means I'm now getting a little (but just a little) more free time.
    As much as I love Retro Core, I think your son is the main reason you shouldn't go out of your way to answer everybody's prayers! Do 'em in your 100% spare time; it'd be selfish of us to expect new episodes to pop up frequently, hehe.

    Good luck with the new series, mate.

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    Making my way through the episodes, loving it.

    Great work and may it continue!

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    @Klatrymodon, yes my family is first then my site and then Retro Core I'm actually a quarter way through the new Retro Core but made a bit of a mess on the encoding of 3 of the games. So they'll look like crap but everything else should look good. Also Retro Core II will have a nice screen resolution of 640 x 480.



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