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    Retro Core Revival

    10th of May 2007. The end of an era. No more ****e of the Month. No more risky undercover camera ops into dank stores and arcades. The doors had closed on what the ordinary, unwashed masses would regard as an insignificant internet show starring some scouse bloke banging on about horribly aged games. But how the faithful wailed into the night. Their monthly dose of retro games and colour commentary snatched away with sweet bugger all to fill the void. But then, on the 18th of March 2008, the originator of such chaos let spill his musings in yet another of his genius creations, the Post everytime you get ANYTHING retro. We want to know (^v^) thread;

    I'm so glad you enjoyed Retro Core and found it a useful guide to buying imports. I've thought about bringing it back and even tried to make a special SFC one off but it's going ever so slowly.

    So to summarise, this thread is here for people to post about how much they think Retro Core is rather nice and for browbeating Yakumo into bringing the show back even if it's just a one off. Or two.

    Maybe twelve.

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    I really miss Retro Core, I used to look forward to every episode. Any new episodes, even if they are just really occasional, would be awesome!

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    Well yes, a new Retrocore would be great. I for one would be very pleased!

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    What's retrocore?

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    Quote Originally Posted by J0e Musashi View Post
    What's retrocore?
    Blasphemer !

    Come on guys, make me feel proud You never know, a half hour show per month may arrive. But there'll be no more PlayStation though since I sold it all N64 has gone as well but we can always fall back on the Wii's virtual console for that.

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    A fine series it was. I am actually just recently going through ALL of the episodes from start to finish (I'd only ever saw random episodes here and there before, currently on about 16 or 17) so I have to say a big "thank you" to Yakumo for putting it all together - it's always enjoyable.

    I don't think it's too much of an exaggeration to say it puts every videogame-based TV show ever made to shame - and put together all by just one man!

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    A great gameshow that needed more exposure, you know the reviews were spot on, never fawning over a game just becuase it was Japanese, a game even with flaws can be enjoyable. I listen to Yakumo and I think "this is just like guy that ran the import shop in the 90's that I spend the afternoons in just talking about games" Not a specific person but with the passion for gaming.

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    I used to really enjoy watching RetroCore but i think it was a bit too long for me as I when sometimes going back I never seem to remember the 2nd half of these shows. A shorter version would be most welcome! I've also been thinking of viewing them all again in order - but its a bit of a big task. So many shows filled with lots of great games - many I wouldn't have come across. I've tried to find a replacement videogame show quite a few times, but failed.

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    It so needs a special now and again, when I have nothing to do or the TV lets me down I can always pop one on.
    I always loved the comparisions between various versions of the same title (Daytona)

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    Only a couple a months ago I found out about these. Watched them all within the space of about 2 weeks. Really enjoyed them, nice wee intro sections were great with the likes of electra anus and some other ridiculous stuff goin on.
    Not a fan of Radiant Silvergun then Yakumo?


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