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    Quote Originally Posted by Mayhem View Post
    And as we're going all 8-bit, then I have to mention Last Ninja 2 and Monty on the Run for the C64 as well.
    The best tune ever on the C64 was thing on a spring...What a tune.

    Also crazy comets. Had a miles better version of the Gyrus arcade game song.

    Mario Galaxy is good as well i agree
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    zomg i forgot to mention two things. destruct for the commodore had the most amazing title screen music, to the extent that my brother i downloaded a rom of it and he worked it out on the guitar. and another commodore piece, the loading screen music for commando. you remember, that grey screen would come up with a counter on it and some kickass beats would start up. used to have a mini disc of it which i recorded from the tv, but in realising mini discs were the worst invention ever, i seem to have lost it.

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    Got to agree with Super mario galaxy.

    The music in Wipeout was also excellent.Wipeout 2097 being my favourite.

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    What about Jesper Kyd's Hitman soundtracks? I remember walking away from a kill in the snow (in Contracts) with the music rising... Awesome.

    And, of course, the Halo theme - non-Mjolnir mix. The best theme tune to any game, IMO.

    I also have a soft-spot for all that bleepy-blorky music from the pre-32-bit era. I'm forever being reminded of the Monkey Island music...

    RE: Mario Galaxy. I have a soundtrack CD with a classical rendition of the Smash Bros Melee music - the Donkey Kong track is particularly good.

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    Another vote for Shadow of the Colossus here....and one for Portal's Still Alive, pure class....Then there's Silent Hill and Ico, particularly the ending song.

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    My Fav Soundtracks would be

    Panzer Dragoon Saga

    Pazner Dragoon




    Out Run

    Super R-Type

    Super Castlevaina

    Power Drift

    Panzer Dragoon Orta

    Virtual Fighter (Saturn)

    Daytona USA

    Sonic Adv


    Comsic Smash

    HOTD and Part II

    Gradius V

    Batman Returns (Mega CD)

    Ecco (Mega CD)

    F1 BTL (Mega CD)



    Alien Trio

    Phantasy Star Online

    Get Bass (yes really)

    Sonic CD

    Lunar (mega CD)

    Super Metroid (Snes)

    Star Foz (snes)

    F-Zero (Snes)

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    Xenon 2 amiga and atari st
    streets of rage 2 and revenge of shinobi megadrive
    lotus esprit ...ermm well i think i liked it lol (amiga)

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    Out of all the Virtua Fighter games, Virtua Fighter 2 has hands down the best in-game music.

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    Perfect Dark Zero - Mansion | Infiltration

    Can't find links anywhere, but it's during the action sequences when breaking into the mansion. Unfortunately you can never listen to the whole song in-game (ie: the best bits) as the action never lasts long enough so you'll need to find the .mp3 from somewhere. Surely one of the best pieces of music ever written, let alone in a video game.



    F-Zero GX

    I love it when the on the third lap, more synth and guitars kick in progressing the tune further. Total classness.

    This is gonna be a very long post for me and I'm late for work as it is... so I'll continue later.
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    Ohhhhh, it does me good to see one of these threads that doesn't mention Final Fantasy every other post (Nobuo Uematsu = wildly over-rated ).


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