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    I've got an HP W2207 monitor that is free for collection if anyone wants it. (I'll drop it off if you're local, Fife area) A few cosmetic blemishes, nothing major. Can easily be put in to tate mode for shmups.

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    Man what a freebie.
    Shame I'm about a billion miles away

    Someone please take it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jamie View Post
    Ive got a couple of 29inch Sony Trinitrons, one black and one silver, if anyone wants one.
    Just one last push for these as they're going to the tip over the weekend if no one wants them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Colin View Post
    It's gone to Beecee mate.
    Glad its getting a good home
    I'll get one eventually for my shooters on the 360

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    Silver/Grey Sony 37 inch plasma KE-P37M1.

    3 RGB and one component input. Great sound and excellent picture. Broken-ish remote.

    Might be possessed as it does turn itself on occasionally.

    Story is that it's my old TV, parents in law have had it for a good few years though. I used to run my PS2 through it and it looked the muts. TV will do 1080i as well.

    Has to be collected from Stonehouse in Stroud as it weighs a metric tonne. If no one wants by the end of the week it'll be skipped.

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    Decent $49 compressor for free over at Plugin Alliance:

    Voucher: bx_opto_PGC4ZRBKHBJ4JQU6AGL5

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    NO remote. (you need a remote to operate TV)

    Bang and Olufsen MX1500 15" CRT.

    Recently developed a fault...I was using it with retro consoles...and you need to play about with the scart connection to get a picture... just get a line through the picture.

    Free - Collected from Coventry.

    free photo hosting

    (remote is for sale separately elsewhere)

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    Anyone want a B&O MS6000 28inch CRT with remote before i dump it?

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