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    DC Universe Online [PC/PS3]

    I'm sure there's been some discussion around this before but a search for didn't turn anything up.

    IGN have a new hands-on with the game at Comic Con. As someone who obsessed over City of Heroes when it released I'm really looking forward to seeing how this turns out.

    They played the PS3 version as well, which is a change from the norm and makes me less worried about the prospects of it only releasing on PC.

    Looks really nice too.

    *waits to be told I fail at searching*

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    I thought there was an old thread for something like this, but wasn't it supposed to be published by Microsoft for the 360 and PC?

    Unless it was cancelled and the dev's are making it for the PS3 now..?

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    That was the Marvel Comics MMO, Marvel Universe Online. PC/360.

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    Yeah, Marvel canned theirs but this seems very much on track. Some off screen footage.

    Looks a little more involved than the standard MMO fare.

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    Looks good, altho the pics in the first post look like screen shots from crackdown with DC char's.

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    I'm looking forward to playing this and some of the other MMOs that are on the way as it's been a while since I've played anything of this type.

    Not exactly the best looking game in the world but I suppose that's expected for the type of game it is and I do like the style of it.

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    An interview with the lead writer for the game. Looking forward to this hugely, but I'm not sure how far out we are. These games never release on time.

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    I've got far too much going on (Family, Work, Games - with the prospect of more Socom clan matches!, Spurs & Ferrari) to consider getting in to an MMO. That said, i do so want to play it. I just want enough MMO Lite features that i'll be able to play it on my own or with my brother for a couple of hours a week.

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    That's part of the main appeal to me. I played CoH pretty heavily at beta and on release, but ultimately I want an MMO that I can dip into as and when I please.

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