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    Online challenge winner banners

    Hi everyone. If you are involved in an online challenge here and want to big up the winner or winning team, please PM me a link to the relevant thread/post and I'll try and come up with something.

    Like today's "Drive it like you stole it" banner.

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    Great idea. Hopefully we will have a PES2009 winner banner close to xmas. PRoviding the online works this time around

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    It better work or I will be having a word with Seabass personally!

    Great idea though Charles! As Hoolak says upon the release of PES2009 (or maybe FIFA09) we should have some tournaments up and running so this we will have some PES (or FIFA) banners.

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    Do you have to win a victory or can it be one of life's winners?

    Like our man Vanpeebles and his "Get to da trailer!" moment.

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    I should be rewarded for my extreme gamerpoint whoreing this past month

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    Completely forgot about this idea. Thanks for remembering, charlesr


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