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    Thanks for that. If you're feeling particularly daring, you could try Starfall to patch your Wii to be region free (including channels) or, as shakeyjake has used, MenuLoader:

    It does the same things (including channels) but it patches on-the-fly so nothing is permanent (apparently) as it's loaded from Homebrew Channel and then reboots the Wii with the hacks running. Once you turn the Wii off and on again your regular unhacked menu will be back.

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    This app was just what I wanted - set my USA Wii to UK, 3.2E so that the news and weather channels are useful, and used Starfall to set region-free so that I can still play my USA games. Only thing is the UK VC is crap, but I don't use the VC, so I don't care.

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    What do we do when the next update arrives and there's games that need the update to play? Or do we just have to not do the update and wait for the hackers to come up with the latest region mod?

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    Starfall has an option to "skip disc update check". I suspect this does what you are talking about. I doubt many games /need/ the features in the updates, although ICBW.

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    Thanks. So just so I'm clear. AnyRegion Changer can at any time (as long as the homebrew channel is working) stick the OS back to a useful version i.e. 3.2 and to a region of choice so it doesn't really matter what you do as long as updates are disabled and they can't run off the discs either? Twilight shipped on Thursday from PA so it will hopefully turn up tomorrow.

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    That seems correct to me. Disclaimer: If you brick it, etc...

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    Version 1.1 is out -


    Minor fix to sysconf lib (Should fix some -24578 errors)
    Changed Identification Routines
    Added System Menu Region detection
    Added intro screen/extra warnings

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    So would this program allows my to set just my UK Virtual Console store to US? and then set the console as region free to play all games?

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    This doesn't do region free you have to specify the region required. It can set your console to any region though including the shop settings.

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    I think it lets you set shop settings independently of main console region settings.


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