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    This! Mine are dead whenever I want to use them.

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    I take the batteries out every time - a bit of a faff with those condoms on them.

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    I was using a caddy with a HDD on my old Wii for USB Loader stuff. Needs something else now. Can I use anything that's plugged in via USB? So a USB adaptor for a large SD Card? Or a large USB stick? What's the best option?

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    I've used a USB caddy+HDD, a USB card reader with SD card, and various USB sticks(8GB SanDisk and 16GB official Nintendo one).

    I mostly played games from the Nintendo USB stick. It's just a regular USB stick with Nintendo branding, no special stuff inside. I formatted my sticks as WBFS, not FAT32, but FAT32 works fine as well.

    I haven't tried a USB multi-card reader yet, so I'm not sure if one of those will work. Maybe it'll work if you just have a single card inserted but the Wii might not like the multiple-partition setup.

    I didn't notice any difference between HDD and USB sticks, but Just Dance would occasionally crash when playing from a USB stick. It never crashed when playing from the HDD.

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