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    Dual Screen Advice

    Does anyone play this game on a PC which has two monitors? And, if so, can you play the game in full-screen mode, and still move between the two?

    I don't seem to be able to move between screens unless I play FFXI in windowed mode.

    Can anyone suggest anything that might help?

    Thank you.

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    Windower will work for you as well, if you set resolution it appears as if there is not window border.

    Other than that nothing I can thing of.

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    I've played in window mode, and I can switch between screens that way, but not in full screen.

    Is there a way to play the game on one (full) screen, and still be able to move to the other screen? That's what I'd like to do if possible.

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    He means this:

    It's not official but widely used by PC players now. When "windowed" it can still display as a full screen (but allows you to alt+tab which the game should but doesn't) which may have the side effect of allowing dual screen support. I don't know for sure but it's btetter than you're gonna get from anything S-E official.

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    Ah right. Sorry Tsing, I didn't realise, I thought you were talking about the built in window mode.

    I'll give that a try. Cheers Rare.

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    No worries Van, I personally like it on PC but my PC is dead so back on 360 at the moment. It's a real god send for RDMs due to allowing large macro's using text script files.

    You can basically change every item of gear for every spell, without it reduces your potency a lot but my machine is sick and I have no idea why. Think maybe the processor needs replacing.

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    I've got to be honest, this weekend I was looking at my NIN macros and there really is no efficient way to have access to everything needed without spreading onto multiple lines, and was sorely tempted to go with Windower. The 6 line limit is really not useful at all as it means you're often hitting 2 macros just to change gears let alone any spell/ability that you changed gear for in the first place.

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    From my experience Rare windower is a great tool, the extended macro space is priceless. I have used it for about 6 months with no issues, it comes by default witha number of plugins but you can turn these off easily enough.

    think standard are

    TParty - shows MP & TP for all ally and party
    Distance - shows distance to target
    Recast - shows recast timer on all job abilities and spells
    Silence - removes the changed equipment messages from the chat log
    LightLuggage - Auto sort inventory now defunct relly

    Think that's it and you can turn any or all off by simply commenting out in the config file. I miss having it with the PC now being dead ><;;

    I'll get it back soon I hope when I build a new machine ^^

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    Well that sounds ok. I have to say whenever I've seen screenshots of people who use it, I've really been put off by all the ugly text plastered all over the screen with no consideration given to if it matches the game's true UI or not but if I can remove all that crap and simply have the extended macros hen I think I'm sold.

    Did you download it from the site I linked to? In this age of near constant RMT hackings I'm really reluctant to download anything FFXI related and don't visit FFXI related sites on my PC with the game installed. I have Firefox, Noscript, updated Flash Player etc and still fear I will get the "Password is incorrect" message every time I log in.

    Oh also, do the Windower macros work in conjunction with the in game macros or are they totally seperate?

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    I downloaded from there rare and only ever download from there, you're right have to be careful.

    You can try out the plugins as and when you want if you don't autoload them in the ini file if you just type //load pluinname it loads on the fly and //unload plugin removes it.

    The macro's work in conjunction with FFXI, they're just text files. in the macro in FFXI you simply put

    //console exec "macrofile.txt"

    and it executes that file below is the contents of a standard RDM setup for between casts

    input /equip Main "Terra's Staff"
    input /equip Sub "Bugard Strap +1"
    input /equip Range "Arco De Velocidad"
    input /equip Neck "Promise Badge"
    input /equip Ear1 "Quantz's Earring"
    input /equip Ear2 "Loquacious Earring"
    input /equip Body "Ixion Cloak"
    input /equip Hands "Crimson Finger Gauntlets"
    input /equip Ring1 "Vilma's Ring"
    input /equip Ring2 "Hale Ring"
    input /equip Back "Prism Cape"
    input /equip Waist "Penitent's Rope"
    input /equip Legs "Crimson Cuisses"
    input /equip Feet "Zenith Pumps"

    think you can see how it works, basically input types the next bit to the FFXI console.


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