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Thread: Screenshots

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    Speaks for itself, post some of your favourite screenshots, especially if your as bored as me trying to avoid doing work.

    Having my head sliced open by Hudoo, fun times.

    Good old Saturday afternoons.

    Rare gives us an insight into Ark Angels.


    Moot getting put in his place.

    Still the king of lotting.

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    Great thread! Let me see what I found in my Photobucket account.

    Posing in my newly (at the time) purchased Scorpion Harness in the zone that got me most of the gil that funded it back in 2005

    Battling a buffalo (special action shot version)

    Me, Moot and Tsing battling pirates for the map Bosteuineux Oubliette map.

    Me, Talizker and Tsing battling the Sea Horror.

    Me and Moot in Davoi, posing after completing his AF1 quest. I remember this day for what came next... 10 minutes later I was fighting this guy and better yet beat an old RMT "friend" to the claim. /wave Cedric

    And this was me sporting the lovely new Jujitsu Gi that dropped. Made me happy as I sold my previous one a few weeks earlier for aforementioned Scorpion Harness

    Double jutsu action!!

    Waiting (im)patiently before entering a Promyvion ENM.

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    Lutanns world famous connection.


    Putting our foot in it.

    Probably one of my finest moments beating this piece of **** NM (along with the even tougher Silverhook).

    I raise your Double jutsu action!!

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    My best FFXI friend looks on as I eat sand

    Group shot of the peeps that cleared Promyvion 30s with me. A great time.

    Early Tavnazia explorations.

    "Good old saturday afternoons"

    PWNED by Vyrtra in my first (short-lived) foray into the world of HNMs.

    A bastard Tonberry NM that kicked my ass repeatedly before handing over a katana.

    Battling Boroka

    MEDUSA!! (Not HAWT!)

    Breaking the environment boundaries 4tw

    Me and Tsing duoing AU mission NM


    What's going on?!


    I love the pose I caught with this image

    Diabolos (1/4)

    Early RNG EXP. Shame this never progressed as a group beyond Valkurm Dunes.

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    Another foray into Phomiuna Aquaducts

    Our Chains of Promathia group gets to Lumoria.

    Still the best battle in the entire game.

    People I did every Chains of Promathia mission with

    The results of a particularly happy weekend

    Take pictures of dead me will you? HA!

    I thought this looked quite artistic.

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