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    I mailed them this week and got a reply. It seems they are still modding.

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    Still doing these mods, the SNES mod we do is now the Ikari Mod so it priced at ?50 rather than ?30 - can't update this thread as it's too old
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    Any idea when the Super Famicoms will be on stock again=

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    anyone heard from Andy? sent him a snes last week and not heard from him..

    hopefully just busy.

    just got a mail, been on hols!!
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    I've got to say I was not impressed with this guy.

    I thought I was buying a pre-modded N64 from the site, it certainly read that way. An advert showing an N64 RGB "In stock". It turns out the mod still needed to be done and I should have read the FAQ on the site, it took about a week to arrive. I asked about the condition of the machine, he said good, but when I received it, the top was scratched to hell. The RGB lead provided was wired up poorly so the picture cut out if knocked. Also the mod was pretty dark.

    So, yeah there is my experience of Console Passion....
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    Just noticed the above post so I feel I should be allowed to reply.

    Firstly, all mods we do are done to order and are not shipped back the very next day. There is an FAQ section on the site which explains this. Mods have to be tested and left to run a few hours which accounts for the delay. Normally our mods are turned around within a day, but my wife had just had our baby daughter a few weeks before so there was a slight delay on the mods as I was understandably busy, however the delay was nothing more than a few days.

    The console is second hand and wasn't described anywhere on the site as mint. I use the same supplier for all my consoles and I have never had any complaints on the condition before, but everyone is different and some people have higher standards than others. I did offer a replacement or refund but he turned down the offer.

    The RGB cable was a brand new commercially made cable straight from the box, and the RGB mod is the same mod I do on every console and again I have only had one person return it as they had issues with their TV (the console worked find on the customers other TV, but he asked to return anyway which I obliged). As anyone who mods consoles will know every TV is different and a console may work perfectly on 100 TV's but behave oddly on another.

    Additionally, like I said and what the above poster failed to point out, I offered a replacement or a full refund, so given I answered the rather curt emails he sent me quickly and politely, explained all of the above points to him and offered a full refund I don't really know what else I can do in a situation like this.

    I stand by my mods, and by my customer service record - I have been doing this for 11 years now and I get new customers every day so I must be doing something right.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Shadow_Zero View Post
    Any idea when the Super Famicoms will be on stock again?
    Reminder for this one!

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    Are these guys still modding?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ghost View Post
    Are these guys still modding?
    Good question - I'm thinking about getting my hands on a US N64 and modding it to play JPN games (yes, I could do it myself but would much rather it done to something approaching a more professional standard if possible).


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