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    I visited the one in the oasis. A nice little selection. Picked up a few bargains - future cop and galaxian 3 for ?15. Nay bad.

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    I didn't look too hard when I went, the Game Boy cart cleaner for a fiver caught my eye but I didn't have change.

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    I am glad to see a few of you enjoying our Birmingham shop, remember that our Sutton Coldfield shop is only a 20 minute bus journey away and stocks just as many, (if not more), games!

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    Must check this out when I'm next in Brum. Sounds promising. Any chance of some photos?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Duddyroar View Post
    Must check this out when I'm next in Brum. Sounds promising. Any chance of some photos?
    Photos of our Sutton store can be found here-

    Our Birmingham store has now been sold so that we can focus purely on the Sutton Coldfield shop. As a result the Birmingham store now operates under a seperate name. We recently had 300+ new games in our Sutton shop and would love to welcome people into 'Retro Station'.

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    Hi!, as the new owners of the Birmingham store we would like to thank 'retrostation' for their unparalled help in the transition. As was mentioned we now have a new name 'The Gamer' and following on in true tradition we are a retro gaming store, focusing on the best of the oldies and often have in many games you want for your collection!

    We welcome you all to come and take a look at our wide range of stock of both games and consoles in the Oasis Market, Birmingham, and also take a look at our website if you want to ask for anything inparticular ,

    Once again thanks to Craig at the 'retrostation' and we wish him and his store in Sutton Coldfield all the best for the future!!

    The Gamer.

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    Retro Fusion website

    I launched my site a couple of months back -

    Interested to garner some feedback - also if you like the look of what I am trying to achieve, please register and stick around.

    Also looking for some people to help out with some Megadrive, iphone and PS1 review if anyone is interested.

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    I'm selling SCART RGB (yes, genuine RGB, not compo****e) cables for the PAL SNES. These have been modded the proper way so there are no brightness issues. SCART plug is gold plated.

    Cost is £9 delivered via PP gift. The cables themselves cost me a fiver apiece so it's no big markup.

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    Retro Gaming Cables

    For Quality RGB scart cables for the Sega Mega Drive1/2 Master System and Neo Geo AES visit

    We specialise in custom cable builds, including, stereo cables for the Sega Mega Drive 1 and Neo Geo AES.

    MD1 1.5m small.jpg
    Sega Mega Drive 1/Genesis 1/Master System 1 RGB scart cable
    MD1 Stereo 1.5m small.jpg
    Sega Mega Drive 1/Genesis 1 Stereo sound RGB scart cable
    MD2 1.5 small.jpg
    Sega Mega Drive 2/Genesis 2 Stereo sound RGB scart cable

    Thank You!

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