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    Some lovely cables there.

    Most people know about my site but I'll pimp it anyway

    A site for Japanese Sega games that I've been building since 2003 and still building now each week. Features more Saturn videos than any other site on the web! No bull, it's true. Well, apart from YouTube, maybe. However my videos are vastly superior in quality to YouTube, especially the latest additions over the last few months.

    As well as loads of videos for Saturn and Dreamcast, there's also the game catalogue for many Sega Systems. The Saturn section is by far the strongest and while not complete it does feature well over 1000 titles and shows full front and back cover scans (as do the other sections) and any extras plus I leave my own comments about the game. There are a few Saturn catalogue sites out there but none have as many scans or comments as Segagaga Domain

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    Hello All

    Hello everyone, hope you guys are all doing well. Just thought I would come on here and introduce myself and my dilemma of the day.

    Firstly I have been offered a few Nintendo 64DD development consoles with loads of discs and as well as that a load of gamecube ones too. Not sure if they are worth anything much or should I stay clear of them?

    Secondly I run a small website, its really not much but am looking to grow it as much as possible, the sales side of thing is born out of all the seconds I keep getting in my constant hunt to get everything I had as a youth, you can also follow me on twitter but that seems to not be happening so much ......

    So any responses would be great and thanks for the read and any replies.

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    Since I posted randomly over on another thread, mightaswell come in here and introduce myself.

    I own which is a site concentrating almost entirely on gaming spare parts and accessories, and tools, and the like.

    As mentioned - I'll let the site do the talking, please have a look, hope you like it. Any suggestions welcome

    Found this forum after spotting someone talking about me . Looks interesting, so it's one for my "when I have a spare 5 mins" bookmark list. I do tend to trawl (and lurk in) retro forums so I'm sure you'll see me around.


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    Factory Sealed Saturn Games!

    This week saw the arrival of another massive stock shipment with many factory sealed games! How about a factory sealed copy of Bubble Symphony or maybe factory sealed copies of Afterburner, Daytona CCE, Macross, Virtua Cop 2 and many more.

    Even if Factory sealed games aren't your thing, this weeks additions include some really hot titles including RAM Cartridge packs of Vampire Savior and The King Of Fighters '97, Out Run, Fantasy Zone, Private Idol series and many more.

    Back in stock titles include Layer Section, World Heroes, Real Bout Special to name but a few. Yes, this weeks additions should cover just about any Saturn fan's wanted games.

    As well as all those new games, the Segagaga Domain Store now has a few 4 MBIT RAM cartridges, Memory Cartridges, 1 MBIT RAM Cartridges for sale.

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    Site NEWS April 10th 2011 - Well, it's been a very busy time over the last few weeks so updates have been a bit thin on the ground as you've probably noticed. Well, that's all going to change today with 5 new additions to the Saturn section and 2 new Saturn movies. So what has actually been added? Game wise we have Battle Cos-Player Original Genga Shuu Sample Disc - Frank Thomas Big Hurt Baseball - Sega Saturn FDD Operator - Victory Goal and finally Zenkoku Seifuku Bishoujo Grand Prix Find Love, what a long title!

    New video are Battle Cos-Players Special Sample Disc and Victory Goal.

    The Segagaga Domain Store is doing well. A big thank you to all our customers. We need more customers though. I want to add many big name games but I can't do that without more custom. Would you like to but all those great Saturn shooters at reasonable prices? I bet you would. That's the goal so let's make it happen.

    Retro Core Volume 6 is now out on YouTube as well as the official Retro Core home page. Be sure to check it out.

    ENJOY !



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    DIY Mods

    Interested in trying to mod your own retro console??

    I used to try to remain slightly anonymous when it came to the fact that I run, but I've changed my mind a bit over the last few months.

    I've recently been going through and trying to make the guides easier to follow, even if it's just new photos. Plus, new guides have gradually been appearing what with having some spare time with all these bank holidays recently!!

    AND, after years of the emails from the site going down a black hole, I've re-enabled the published email address. If you previously emailed the site and it was ignored, I apologise, it was either shut the site down, or ignore it completely.

    Anyway, have a look if you want to try to modify your own console, I know a few of you have already tried the guides - that makes me chuffed.

    If you have some info that you want to share, mistakes you've noticed, improvements that can be made, get in touch and I can put it on there giving you full credit.


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    Site NEWS May 15th 2011 - Oh do I have something special for you this week. For the first time ever on the net I bring you images and videos of Delisoba Deluxe for the Sega Saturn. What is this game you may be wondering. Well, it's only the rarest and most expensive Saturn game out there (excluding any betas but even they haven't fetched as much as this game has). Also for Sega Saturn I've added Gekkamugentan Torico, MS Gundam Side Store 1 CD case version and Sangokushi Eiketsuden Premium Pack.

    Staying with Saturn there's also new videos for Delisoba Deluxe, Find Love, Frank Thomas Big Hurt Baseball and Guardian Heroes. Dreamcast fans will also be happy to know that videos of Carrier Beta and Shenmue 0.400 Beta have been uploaded to the Dreamcast section of the Movie Vault.

    The latest volume of Retro Core SS is out now on YouTube and the official site. This week Retro Core takes a look at Delisoba Deluxe.

    The Segagaga Domain Store is now having a big sale on most Adventure, simulation, sport and RPGs. Head on over to see if there are any deals for you!

    ENJOY !

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    Shenmue Beta, wow, that's the first I've heard of that, and now I'm addicted to Shenmue Dojo again!

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    It's not that much of a great beta but worth a look that's for sure. The Carrier beta is far more interesting


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