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Thread: punio75

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    Sold this gentleman a nice Gamecube game and he was a pleasure to deal with throughout.


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    Bought No More Heroes on the Wii from this chap - arrived nice and quick and in great condition, as promised.

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    bought god of war 2 and it arrived quickly

    condition was decent enough and pretty cheap

    thanks bud

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    Bought Mario Strikers on Wii and it arrived very quickly, was surprised actually as it normally takes a couple of days more.

    Game and packaging were in top shape, so I couldn't be happier.

    Many thanks!

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    Bought Dirt for the PS3 off this good man. Arrived quickly and nicely packaged and stuff. Excellent.

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    Sold him a game, paid instantly, excellant.

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    Purchased Paper Mario US GC from me, pleasure to deal with, top trader

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    Quick payment, and excellent comms. Great buyer

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    Top man, sold im Beyond Good And Evil on the cube...

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    Fantastic chap, sold me Zelda Majora's Mask & Four Swords and dropped them off at my door!

    Thanks again, James


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