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    Quote Originally Posted by neojay View Post
    Sounds good to me how would you like paying?
    You have pm sir!

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    Quote Originally Posted by neojay View Post
    Great stuff, I haven't been in a game station for a while. Will defo have a look thanks again mate
    No problem

    Shame you didnt say you were sort of local before...could of popped the games round & saved you a few extra pennies

    Game are doing a few good deals at the moment as well so could be worth a look too.
    Also get yourself round to Basildon Market there is a stall there that sells Games as well got some right bargains on there if you look hard enough.

    I've got a few more spares as well if you'd be interested...

    2006 FIFA World Cup
    Wipeout Fusion
    Pro Evolution Soccer 5
    Brian Lara International Cricket 2005
    Disneys Piglets Big Game
    FIFA 06
    Total Club Manager
    Tekken Tag Tournament

    Anyway good luck with the rest of your search


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    updated my wants added "Michigan: Report from Hell" and removed the ones i have now found.

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    Another update found clock tower 3, last few things I'm looking for

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    another update added rule of rose to my wish list.

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    Updaed wants removed the ones i found, anyone have a PAL copy of gitaroo man they dont want?

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    I have an official black Dual Shock mate, ?6.50 delivered sound ok?


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