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    Extending subscription after trial

    I recently signed up to the free 10-day trial that Blizzard offer, and i'm enjoying it a lot to the point where I may buy a 60-day subscription card.

    My question is do I have to buy the full game of the classic version as well as the 60 day pre paid card in order to continue using my character i've got now, or do I only have to get a subscription?

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    from what i remember you need to get the full game, IE Game Code and 30 day game card. (bundled together) The best deal available at the moment, is the WOW Battle chest, which has WOW & BC (burning Crusade) and a 60 game card, all for the scandalous price of £19.99 (at game) Hit me up with your character name, mine is Aaronbekir & im on the Stormrage Server.

    See you there!


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    Cheers for the info Aaron. Do you have a link to the WoW battle chest? I searched GAME's website but couldn't find it.

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    here you go, strange its not on games website, its number 5 in their pc chart!


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    It doesn't seem to say anything about a free 60 day subscription card?

    I can just buy the WoW classic and a 60 day card for roughly £20 if so. But i've still got another few days of my trial left for now.

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    yeah its really weird, could have sworn the one in game is the same, just with a 60 day card instead of the guides. not so sure now!! weird!!

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    Doesn't matter, I'll probably just pick up Wow classic and a 60 day subscription for about the same price.

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