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    Quote Originally Posted by Darwock View Post
    I would love to get into this but I can't shake the feeling that it's a bad idea ... life is probably too short to get involved in that kind of thing more than once.
    Aah, sounds like the angelic voice in my right ear, suggesting I run as fast as I can!!

    If you really can play for just half hour or an hour though, and achieve something meaningful, that'd sure as hell take the edge off ten hour days when there isn't enough time to do anything sociable anyway.

    (says the demon voice mwahahahaha)
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    I hope they still have the hume angry motion dance in xiv! Darwok! Come join the angrymotiondancecongaline! I need my dancing partner back!

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    Looks awesome, should hopefully have money to do brand spanking new pc build tomorrow too. Bit off-topic but when applying thermal coating between the heatsink and cpu, do you cover the whole of the cpu, or just around the square chip in the middle?

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    I hope your talking about an AMD chip ... if so its on and around the chip cause when the sink goes on it spreads it for you ... if its not an AMD processor your lubing up the wrong side!

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    Cheers Rush. Yes, it's an AMD Phenom II X4 940 (overclocked to 3.6gig). Pretty excited as it's the first ground up build i've done in over 10years. Pretty sure i'll be knocking on Scan's door if all goes well in the morning.

    Nvida 896MB XFX GTX 260 (216 cores) GPU.
    Corsair 8GB DDR2 1066 RAM (DDR3 stuff is beyond my budget for now)
    1TB Hitachi 7200rpm SATA 3GB/PS HDD.

    Hopefully that level of build should run XIV with no issues.

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    Sounds wicked. My self-build box is back in the UK atm, burning money through depreciation and storage costs -.- but it weighs a tonne so I'll probably dispose of it some time and get a ps3 over here to play.

    When I put that together I was expecting to have trouble with thermal paste, but it was already stuck where it needed to be (on the heatsync i think) - you just peeled the cover off and went for it. The heatsync was built for that processor as well (Intel).

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    Thats a sweet rig! Thats more than wicked! That setup should last about 3-5 years! Where'd you get most of yer parts from?

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    Haha cheers, the parts are all from Scan in Bolton, under ?600 easy. Had a shop around and the money saved by doing a self build is staggering. Sadly no student loan today though.


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