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    Talking Final Fantasy XIV news

    Rumours are increasing pace around the release of FFXIV, and some videos are now available from the alpha as well as details of proposed gameplay.

    Player classes and monsters (art plus info) - 18 days ago

    Interview with producer and director, and gameplay screenshots - 10 days ago

    Alpha gameplay videos - 31 days ago

    It looks like they have listened to feedback that the game was very time intensive, although whether this has been addressed adequately or without undermining the challenge of the game remains to be seen.

    Who will be investing days of their lives in the next Square MMO adventure? I can feel it pushing my buttons already!

    Beta rumours indicate possible start early 2010.

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    Rargh will rawr into ffxiv as well as some of the departed members such as DJ so there will be familiar faces there, Velma

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    Quote Originally Posted by nakamura View Post
    Is it gonna be on 360?
    Prob not, only time will tell, all the answers to the question have been vague. Microsoft won't allow cross platorm online play, the reason FFXI slipped through was because it was released around launch time. I'll be sticking with PC version.

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    Cheers for info. I never got around to playing FFXI. Dont have a PC you see and only just got a 360. I will most likely end up with a PS3 due to titles like Persona if they dont appear on 360.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nakamura View Post
    I will most likely end up with a PS3 due to titles like Persona if they dont appear on 360.
    FFXIV will definitely be on the PS3 (as will FFXIII standalone). I personally found the 360 port of FFXI to be lacking - the screen resolution was pretty poor, which affected playability quite severely when you're competing with those around you for pops. It was probably equal to the PS2, though.

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    I would love to get into this but I can't shake the feeling that it's a bad idea. It won't be a decent MMORPG if it isn't substantial, and life is probably too short to get involved in that kind of thing more than once.

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    I'm playing XI on 360 atm and it looks pretty good to me. It didn't start off so however, had to wait for an update a good few months after the version went live before they increased the screen resolution.

    As for XIV being a substantial MMORPG, I wouldn't expect it to be to begin with - such is the nature of these games, perhaps moreso with this, what with it looking like one of the strongest examples of the genre in terms of visuals. Still, I would imagine there is at least enough content in place to keep you busy until an expansion. One thing that bugs me however, is the reliance on equipment to enhance your character rather than levels. If this isn't going to shake off it's 'evercamp' nature then I see it eventually becoming just as frustrating as XI is, most likely more.

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    Microsoft allowed a 360 port of FFXI in order to get SquareEnix on board. They also bent the rules for them by initially not supporting Achievements, and still not supporting in-game voice chat. Now SquareEnix are very much focused on 360, they're not willing to make the same exception with a game like FFXIV which has cross-compatibility with the PS3.

    The 360 port was very lackluster, the game resolution was much lower than the screen resolution, and it was very noticable. Compare it to the PC version running at the same resolution, and the 360 version was clearly rendering in a much lower resolution. Not to mention the amount it struggles in places like Whitegate and Jueno. That said, it was an upgrade from the PS2 version, and that would be the main thing for most people. Just don't go playing your friend's PC version.

    The 360 version did add proper positional 5.1 sound though, and is the only version of the game to have this.

    But anyway, I suspect we'll have to approach FFXIV with an open mind, and bear in mind that there will be substantial changes as hand-on user feedback appears. We will probably have to deal with the fact that SquareEnix will be working hard to have a much more open, inviting game. However, this doesn't necessarily have to imply a lack of depth. Hopefully we'll see a beta appear at some point.
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    I've heard some strong rumours that an initial beta may be open in December this year but I imagine that will be Japan only with other regions being included early next year.

    Whether this will be PC and/or PS3 hasn't been mentioned.

    Certainly I'll be doing everything I can to get involved with this as soon as I can. One of my most anticipated games for 2010.


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