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    Roller Coasters, Rides and Theme Parks!

    Talking about coasters in the Japan trip and life affirming threads has encouraged me to start this thread!

    It's really tough as I love different coasters for different reasons and I had to leave a load of ace ones out, but what's your top 5? You have to have been on them though!

    Kingda Ka - Six Flags Great Adventure - Jackson, New Jersey, USA
    Montu - Busch Gardens Africa Tampa, Florida, USA
    Thunder Dolphin - Tokyo Dome City - Tokyo, Japan
    Pepsi Max Big One - Pleasure Beach - Blackpool, UK
    Superman The Escape - Six Flags Magic Mountain - Valencia, California, USA

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    No particular order:

    Manhattan Express - New York New York hotel, Las Vegas
    Incredible Hulk Coaster - Islands of Adventure, Orlando
    Space Mountain - Tokyo Disneyland, Tokyo
    Expedition Everest - Disney World (Animal Kingdom), Orlando
    Colosus - Thorpe Park, Kent

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    That Kingda Ka looks bonkers.

    Not a roller coaster, but I've been on an upwards bungee - strapped into a chair held to the ground by a giant electro magnet. 4G acceleration straight upwards with an amazing view over the Le Mans circuit. And then terror.

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    I'm a big wuss when it comes to coasters so my top 5 is a general ride one.

    1: Spider-man (Islands of Adventure)
    2: Indiana Jones (Disneyland California)
    3: Steeplechase (Blackpool Pleasure Beach)
    4: Bluto's Bilge rat barges (Islands of Adventure)
    5: Test Track (Epcot)

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    It'd be nice to get some reasons why... is the Pepsi Max Big One really one of the top 5 in the whole world? I've been on it so many times that it started to get boring.

    I'd have to research the names to put my list together, maybe later

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    I second the comment about excluding the Pepsi Big One, for ages I was wary of going on it but its unbelievably tame as far as coasters go. Very little drop, no loops, not very fast... it's pure optical illusion because of how high the rails are above ground.

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    I love watching and learning about rollercoasters even if I'm too scared to go on the majority. Love going on 'dark rides' though, bit annoying how little focus most theme parks put on these rides. Hex in Alton Towers is great but the focus is usually on big rollercoasters for new rides.

    If you want an extreme ride in Blackpool pleasure beach, go on the wild mouse. It looks incredibly tame but it's scary as hell when you're on it (although apparently they now have brakes on it that they randomly enable, presumably when it's been raining). I got tricked into going on it.

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    Pepsi Max Big One: Love the climb and the first drop is awesome as it crests overlooking the sea.

    You're absolutely right though, there's loads better coasters, but I felt bad not putting a UK one in my list.

    In retrospect, I could've said Kumba, Hulk, Duelling Dragons, Venus GP, Colossus, Goliath, Batman The Ride (Six Flags Great Adventure and Magic Mountain), Superman The Ride, Sheikra, El Toro and so on.

    Even Stealth, Colossus, Nemesis and Megafobia in the UK are probably better!

    Sorry, I think I was overwhelmed with choice.

    X at Six Flags Magic Mountain, California, is one of the most amazing looking coasters, with crazy flipping seats, but you queue for hours, have an amazing first drop and then it feels like somebody's hitting you on the back of the head with a cricket bat for the rest of the ride

    The scariest ride (but not a coaster) I've ever been on is the stand up, floorless side of Apocalypse at Drayton Manor in Tamworth! It feels like you've jumped off a sky scraper!

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    Nice abigsmurf, when i was young the whole family went to Blackpool pleasure beach, i wasnt tall enough to go on the Big Dipper, so my Dad and sister went on it, so i was with my mum, she dont like rollercoasters but i said the mouse must be for kids cause i could go on it. This was back in the 70's no brakes then, my mum totally S**** herself and so did i, those near 90º turns making you think your going over the edge is terrifying.
    Is tower of terror allowed in this?? cause its EVIL,and Oblivion at Alton towers.
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    I crushed my plums on that Wild Mouse at Blackpool!

    I'm not a big fan...


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