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  1. #11
    The only diffuculties available at start are:

    Very Easy (automatic)
    Easy (automatic)

    Once complete, you can then choose Hard.
    Once that's completed, then 'non stop climax' mode is available. Which is similar to Dante Must Die, if you will. In that, you have no 'witch time' and generally the angels will deal more damage to you.

    Normal can be a bit troublesome later on, if you're spam happy like me, and can't get the witch timing right. (as i'm on chapter 14 of 16)

    Though quite frankly, chapter #7 boss, is just great. And the ending cutscene for it is just pure ^o^ couldn't stop sniggering afterwards.

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    Where did you ps3 chaps order from?

  3. #13
    Sounds good. This and Uncharted for X-mas please

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    Quote Originally Posted by Largo View Post
    Where did you ps3 chaps order from?
    I ordered mine from gamechoiceclub

    Right, i should explain a little on the fundamentals, and game structure for those interested.

    The basic's to begin with.
    You have the standard Energy bar and Magic bar slots, both of which can be upgraded via Rodin's 'Gates of Hell' store and by beating certain challenges.
    Moves are assigned to:
    • Square - shoot pistols

    • Triangle - punch

    • Circle - kick

    • L1 - taunt

    • R1- lock-on aim

    • R2 - dodge

    Taunting the foe will naturally aggro them, and give you a combo multiplier.
    Dodging an attack successfully will initiate 'Witch Time' where in that, time slowed slowed down for a few seconds for the enemy, whilst you can move at normal speed. A successful 'Witch Time' activation will trigger a combo multiplier within that period.

    As for game progression, anyone familiar with the 'Devil May Cry' series will know how this works.
    There's set Chapters, and within these chapters (Verses) which are set battles with minor Angel foes, with the last Verse more than likely the End boss.
    Note however, there are secret Verses, where you will have to either:
    • Back track through a small portion of the stage to initiate the skirmish, or...

    • Find secret 'Alfheim' (similar to the secret blue orb challenges in DMC) portals which you'll have to beat under certain conditions. Say for example, you have to use 'Witch Time' only to beat enemies. Or that you have x7 punches and x7 kick attempts to beat this enemy.

    The individual Verses are graded from:
    • Stone (lowest bum grade)

    • Bronze

    • Silver

    • Gold

    • Platinum

    • Pure Platinum (top dog)

    The parameters you're graded on are:
    • Combos

    • Time

    • Damage taken

    I've had quite a few Pure Platinums, but never managed to fully complete a chapter with Pure Platinums as of yet.
    That's essentially is how Bayonetta is played out, and scored on.

    For combos (and there's a lot of them) you have slight variants depending which weapon you're weilding at the time. Your defaulted weapons are the 'Scarborough Fair' (pistols) and they can be equipped on both hands and feet, where the 'Shubara' (katana) can only be equipped on your hands only.
    Along with standard weapon attacks, there's 'Wicked Weave' attacks, which is just a fancy name for Bayonetta summoning her hair to attack. They are triggered (usually) at the end of a combo string.
    • P, K, P (last punch being the Wicked Weave strike)

    • or P, P, K, K (Wicked Weave strike) then K (another Wicked Weave strike)

    There are moves that can be purchased at Rodin's 'Gates of Hell' store that can initiate the Wicked Weave strike from the outset. However, in doing so will expend a few slots of your magic in the process.
    Also, each individual strike within the combo string can be charged up. Which in turn, leads to more powerful hits.

    Now that i've completed the main game, i could safely say, that the sequences towards the ending is pure action-adrenalin-inducing. And for a long time, the boss battles are really a joy to play (which is no suprise, considering it's from the the mind of Hideki Kamiya) as i don't usually like boss battles.

    Team Little Angels/ Platinum games have done proud.

  5. #15
    So the technical limitations are easily overlooked?

  6. #16
    The full game is much better than the demo. Its the first thing I noticed. Do the practice parts, its not nearly as laggy. To me it also seems as if the colouring is better, as is the quality of the cutscenes. The overall game seems to run better, although tearing is still apparent. The load times are kind of sloppy, but its not that they really annoy me. The game should have gotten an installation feature though.

    Its _very_ playable on Ps3. Battles are frantic and I have no problems dodging attacks for witch time. I've played the first few hours, and it easily beats DMC to hell so far. It seems that Bayo has about as much combos as an average Tekken character (thats just with starting weapons).. and then you can bind Shotguns to your feet too!

    I bloody love it. This game has the classic unlockables, upgrades, secret levels and the urge to replay a level for a better grade. Maybe visually not the most impressive, but certainly one of the most fun and stylish games of this generation.

  7. #17
    RE: Darwock

    Not easily mate.
    As the only reason i'm playing it on PS3 is because the 360 version is region locked.
    I just couldn't wait unitl January to play this to be honest.
    the conversion is 'serviceable' to say the least.

    Would be interesting to see how much my timing is off, judging by the Xbox 360 vids, which seem a lot smoother overall.

    Just a little tip for time saving when skipping cutscenes on the PS3 version. Hold both the L2 + R2 triggers, then press Select. Instead of pausing, then skipping. Might sound like a little thing, but trust me, far quicker.

  8. #18
    It's probably a moot point as the RRP on this game is the highest I've ever seen (excluding games that come bundled with peripherals). 7980 yen in my local shop.. that's daylight robbery! So if I do buy it I'll be waiting until it gets cheaper. I suppose the plus side to that is there is no online portion so there's no need to get in there before the general population gets tired of it.

    Anyway I have the GOW collection on pre-order and I think they are a very similar style of game... but I'm pining for a fix of the 'real' DMC

  9. #19
    Just a few gameplay vids from some crazy Bayonetta combo-fiends.

    crazy-ass air juggling

    1.3+ million combo on Chapter I/ Verse 2 forchrissakes!

    Pure platinum on boss battle (non stop climax difficulty) sweet jesus... 'royal guarding' fireballs, blind [SPOILERS WITHIN]

    Another pure platinum/ non stop climax boss battle. Most probably my favourite boss to play against. [SPOILERS]

  10. #20
    damn, that is looking incredible !!

    one to get for Januari for sure !

    ps. Jimtendo, how long did it take you to finish the game ?


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