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    Quote Originally Posted by dataDave View Post
    They really don't have a clue, and neither does anyone who gave 2 a 10/10. It's pretty clear that none of them made that breakthrough with the first game as there is no breakthrough to Bayonetta 2. You build meter (which is inconsistent with its values) and then expend it with Umbran Climax to mash everything out of the way. The time quota for Pure Platinum is very strict and actually enforces this style of play. If you don't hit your "I WIN!" function then you don't get the medal. There's no use for the torture attacks anymore because the enemy weapons (which are only dropped after a torture attack) are all garbage and are a detriment to your score and damage output instead of the opposite.

    You're continually punished for trying to play with any composure. Enemies combo break which is obscene, once you've exposed their signpost they should be yours for the taking - that's how these games work. Speaking of composure the parrying system is also pretty useless, and no longer gives any big advantage for last-ditch parries like in the first game (you'd get a counter headbutt and roughly a x1.5 Witch Time duration) now it's just the same old flat Witch Time that a regular dodge would net you, so why bother at all? Why put yourself at risk for no reward? Why use a slot on that item that costs 200k halos? WTF?

    Best of all you can even spam lollipops (consumables) to make yourself invincible and refill your magic to ensure you've got Umbran Climax going indefinitely to ensure that Pure Platinum rank. Talk about a slap in the face... Do that on the first game and you're presented with a Stone award.

    It could have been awesome, too. Umbran Climax could have been something you save in order to juggle bosses and mini-bosses with. It kind of creeps towards that but it doesn't really work, you just lock them in ground-stun instead (with dodgy animation to boot).

    It's like they were drunk when they made the second game.
    Fully agree. I just don't understand the acclaim for the second game at all.

    You don't need to be a high level player to appreciate this, either. I love Bayonetta, but I suck at it. I never get Pure Platinum or anything close. But when I played Bayo 2 it was obvious to me that it was a much simpler, much weaker game.

    The graphics were pretty nice though, I guess.
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    Bayo 2 seems to be an easier, more fluid, more forgiving experience.

    It is still enjoyable for me though. In face I actually think it will improve my skills in Bayo 1. Because the health and enemies are more forgiving I can more space to breath and practice combos / enemy management that I wouldn't be able to do in Bayo 1 because I'm usually hanging on by a thread with the basis P,K,P attack.

    It is prettier as well...

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    Loving this on Switch. Properly hooked on the original's The Lost Chapter / Angel Slayer all over again.


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