• Why import videogames? - Pros and cons of importing

    If you are interested in videogames, you may have heard of importing. Bordersdown is a premier website for gamers who are interested in playing games from abroad (Imported consoles are also called NTSC consoles, hence the site's original name "NTSC-UK").

    Importing grew from a tiny collective to a thriving scene, even if the need has dropped off with the advent of HD and global releases. But why? Why do people import videogames to the UK in the first place? What are the benefits? And is it for you? This guide attempts to strip away some of the myths and take a no-nonsense view of the world of video games imports. If you want to learn more about what it
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    1. buster_broon's Avatar
      buster_broon -
      nice read but why isn't customs even mentioned once when importing a game this seems quite an important part to miss consider we all get hit by it at some point (minus local agreements between sellers and buyers), like play-asia marking parcels down to avoid customs but in turn if it goes missing they will only refund the declared cost - the example states that a game can be bought from a Canadian importer for almost ?10 less than the UK but if you factor in duty and release fees it takes it over the UK price depending on shipping option
    1. J0e Musashi's Avatar
      J0e Musashi -
      It's a WIP, that's why.
    1. charlesr's Avatar
      charlesr -
      It's an article from about 10 years ago. I added in a coule of bits and Daryl is updating it, but I wanted to just get it out there again. It has been too long unavailable.
    1. nakamura's Avatar
      nakamura -
      I miss the old reviews on this forum.
    1. Strider's Avatar
      Strider -
      I don't. I used to get banned when I disagreed with them
      It's a solid article though, even if it is really old. I've started to pick a few things up again, so it's good to see useful guides like this. I'm pretty sure band brothers did come out under a differnt name here. I could be wrong though.
      Would be cool to see more pieces like this going forward.
    1. Mayhem's Avatar
      Mayhem -
      It came out here as Jam with the Band.
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