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    If I had people like that then I'd do the same. I couldn't believe it when we did the initial count and had 60-70 definites. We were actually adding people because the venue had a minimum 130 charge anyway. We even invited a few of our neighbours.
    FFS, you point blank refused to invite me, but you invited old man scroggins from Number 87?!
    He stole your milk for years from your doorstep!

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    Quote Originally Posted by kryss View Post
    I honestly couldn't name more than 18 family I would have at my ceremony.
    TBH this is probably us, 30 at a push. ATM for my side I have my Mum, Stepdad, Sister +1, my distant best friend and her husband as my definites to invite.

    My mother seems to have calmed a little because she's got her hands full at home with everything happening at once with my sister flying abroad as part of her new job and said sister's partner flying in from abroad to live here the day before she leaves .
    We like the idea of just immediate family at a ceremony abroad or just something small in a nice location.

    Just want to chill and keep an eye open (which my mother is doing with more gusto) of any ideas what or where to go but appart from that not going to do much this year but try and lose a stone or two.

    My only hurdle at the minute (apart from the weight lost) is what to do about my estranged father who I, out of the rest of the family, get along better with but don't feel a rush in telling him. I'm not sure how to tell him as I'm 99% sure I don't want him to be part of the actual ceremony (my mother is more likely to give me away) as he had virtually had no part in raising me but even though we are rarely in contact he should know one of his daughters is going to get married in the not too distant future.
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    My father happened to be in Canada at the time of my second wedding and made some comment to my sister about being here "at this special moment" which set her off. I had to be very clear to her that he was not invited nor playing any part in the wedding, other than a coincidence in geography.


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