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    Bought a DC and some other bits from me, perfect as expected.

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    Brad bought Xenoblade Chronicles X from me. Great coms and paid straight away.

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    Sold him an Edge and everything went silky-smooth.

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    Bought a Neo stick from Brad at a bargain price, absolute gent as ever.

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    Brad very kindly offered to mod me an arcade stick to use with my neo geo mvs after i'd missed out on one of his. i bought one and shipped it to him, it was modded and back to me within a couple of days. thanks again bud!

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    Bought his left Joycon, thanks very much mate!

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    Sent me a JoyCon replacement shell kit for cost of postage.

    I look forward to hours of screaming at little screws.

    Cheers @Brad!!

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    Brad baught Skyrim VR from me, with no issues. Cheers bud!

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    Brad very kindly offered me up his Switch BOTW and even sent it out before i even paid! What a star! Perfect transaction, how every deal should be done! Thanks again!

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    Sold Brad Bayou 1&3 on the WiiU.

    Epic dude.


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