• Playstation Vita Region Free confirmed

    We would like to congratulate Sony on their decision that (to the best of their knowledge caveat) the PS Vita will be region free.

    Whilst Nintendo went mad and locked down their 3DS handheld after years of region-free handheld gaming, common-sense has prevailed at Sony. This will make life easier for importers who wish to try games only released in single territories, or to buy games while travelling.

    Well played Sony!

    Now if you would just let those of us in Euroland actually buy the games from Play-Asia, then everyone's a winner.

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    1. jim g's Avatar
      jim g -
      I was in Japan working late last year and now have many colleagues who can get me one of these babies on launch day!Thank you Sony for making it Region Free!!
    1. abigsmurf's Avatar
      abigsmurf -
      Excellent stuff, just hope they're still lax on PSN region protection too.
    1. Lyris's Avatar
      Lyris -
      Good to see this forward-thinking attitude. Now there is no excuse for pirating games just because they aren't available in one region.
    1. Nu-Eclipse's Avatar
      Nu-Eclipse -
      Great decision...but as charlesr alluded to in the article, it won't make that much difference if the likes of Play-Asia and their peers still refuse to sell JPN & US PSVita games (and hardware, for that matter) to Europe.