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    Hikaru No Go 2 - GBA (plus translation help please)

    After reading The Ai Igo PSP review, I decided to get the GBA Go game Hikaru No Go 2. It's on the way from ebay France, but I've fired it up on an emulator to see what's what. As mentioned in that review above, the tutorial is "hilariously" unskippable. I mean, it takes over an hour and you can't skip it.... I had to plug it in and go to bed half way through, leaving it on. Pretty easy to follow though because it shows you what you are supposed to do. I expect to be really bad at this to start with

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    Quote Originally Posted by charlesr View Post
    Anyone able to help translate this lot please?

    Campaign mode
    Free play mode
    Survival mode
    Management mode

    Free play mode
    New game
    Transmission play (MP?)

    play rule settings
    option GO! support
    [some Go stuff I don't know]

    play option settings
    Support GO! Rules

    play support settings
    rules GO! options

    Management mode
    piece collection
    record management
    game record management
    You duplicated a pic there btw, and i have no clue as to the options available.

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    How did you get the screenshots, Charles?

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    It's a GBA SP AGS-101 so it's pretty bright which makes it easier.
    Actually the camera (Panasonic Lumix GX1) was quite far away and I cropped - it's not good at macro - can't focus up close. My old point and shoot pocket camera could do insane macro.

    I said emulator earlier, but I meant supercard.

    I won my first game against a level one noob. Shocked tbh.

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    Hmm. It didn't save my progress. Are any of these related to some sort of save or autosave?


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